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Tell me who knows what sites, where you can advertise for the sale of fruits, plants and bee products? Parents have a small business, they don’t always go to the market, but they have to sell.
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Answered 20 august 16:15
I will try to find out from my friend, but she sells clothes from advertisements, so I'm not quite sure that this will suit you. But, probably, it’s necessary to look for where paid ads are, for free, nothing is for sale at all, she told me that.
Igor Kazantsev
Igor Kazantsev
Answered on August 20 16:28
Look at the site on which a good bulletin board, in my opinion If you ask why I had such an opinion, I can explain. I liked how the sections are designed there, by the way there is just a section of plants and eso products. He found for his brother, he is engaged in aquarism, he has a lot of fish and aquatic plants. Today, the site will show, let him sell.
Answered 20 august 16:44
I'll try and use this site, though I will do it for the first time, but I must start learning sometime. I still saw newspapers where you can give free ads.

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