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The concept of "breed" is multi-valued. However, all his interpretations have one element uniting them. In each case, there is an indication of a certain set of objects or phenomena that stand out among others in accordance with some particular feature or some of their number. Detailed information about what this - the breed, we will give in this review.

Communication with the animal world

Breed Leghorn

About what “breed” means, the dictionary says that it is:

  1. The commonality of individuals of the animal world, which belong to the same species, but differ from its other representatives in a number of properties. (Deer of different breeds differ in such characteristics as the size, shape of the horns, their presence or absence, the size of the legs and the whole body, and other features).
  2. A collection of domestic animals belonging to the same species, which is artificially created by man and is characterized by: specific hereditary characteristics and productivity, fixed in a hereditary way. (One of the most common breeds of chickens is Leggorn).

Connection with plants


Consider the other, "plant" meaning of the word being studied, among which are:

  1. The set of plants belonging to the same biological genus, species. (Each of the stages of development of the plant and the breed to which it belongs, affect the amount of light that it needs).
  2. Wool means the union of genera and species of plants that have wood and have similar characteristics. (Breeders succeeded by hybridization to bring out new breeds of poplar, walnut, larch, willow and oak, which are highly resistant to drought and frost, grow rapidly and produce high-quality wood and fruits).
  3. Wood species (not to be confused with tree species) are different types of wood that are obtained from different woody plants. (The most valuable types of wood are: mahogany and ebony, eben, macassar, bakuta (ironwood), rosewood, zebrano, wenge, baia (rosewood), Karelian birch).
  4. Fruit breed is a term in fruit-growing, including the totality of genera, types of food useful plants, which have similar characteristics.(The division into groups of fruit trees, which is accepted in fruit-growing, often does not correspond to the botanical classification).
Fruit breed Mandarin

Other interpretations

  • In geology - a rock, which is a natural mineral formation consisting of one or several types of minerals, resulting from natural processes. (Rocks are the substance from which the crust is formed, they consist of both homogeneous and heterogeneous materials, which are joined either firmly or loosely).
  • In a figurative sense, so called a special type of people. (Sometimes it happens when you look at a girl, you notice something unusual in her posture, her look, style of dress and you understand - the breed is felt in her).


To better understand the meaning of the word "breed", we turn to its origin. Etymologists believe that it is formed from a pre-Slavic noun rod by attaching the prefix “to” to it. Among other things, there originated from it: Old Russian and Proto-Slavic “rod”, as well as similar words in Belarusian, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Czech.

The lexeme we are also considering is connected by alternating vowels with the Church Slavonic verb “red” and the Slovenian redíti, redím, meaning “to feed, grow”.

Another word "breed" is related:

  • Latvian - rasma (prosperity, fertility, harvest), rads (relative, gender);
  • Lithuanian - rasme (harvest);
  • Old Indian - vradhant (rising), vr̥dháti (growing, gaining strength, multiplying);
  • Albanian - rit (grow, increase).

Breed: synonyms

Parquet from expensive breeds

These include such as:

  • Variety.
  • View.
  • Rod
  • Substrate.
  • A type.
  • Category.
  • Sort
  • Taxon.
  • Discharge.
  • Mineral.


Among them are the following expressions:

  • A suitable breed is such a tree by which the upper, main stand of a stand is formed. It determines the appearance of green spaces. It has its own complex of plants and animals that are associated, and plays a leading role in the communities of its range.
  • Waste rock is such a rock that lies close to the mineral (ore body) and is extracted from the depths with it. It does not contain a mineral (for example, coal), or it is present in insufficient concentration. It is separated and sent to landfills, using to fill ravines, mine workings, with land reclamation and in road construction. If the waste rock cannot be separated completely, then it is enriched.In a figurative sense, when used in relation to any person, this expression characterizes him as useless, incapable of anything.
"Foal breed"
  • The foal breed — the clergymen were called with irony earlier, hinting at their long hair, which looked like a horse’s mane, as well as the rampant nature of some of their representatives in the use of alcohol and in the thirst for pleasure.
  • Starting a breed - this is how people were called who were distinguished by their aggressive behavior, sowed discord and started quarrels.
  • Leshakovskaya breed - the expression was applied to a person who caused annoyance and indignation among others, comparing him with the goblin - the character of Slavic mythology, the spirit of the forest, his master, hostile to man.
  • Maternal breed - it refers to the layer located at the very top of the rock, where the course of soil-forming processes is possible. When studying it, its mechanical and chemical compositions are determined, as well as the physical properties and fertility of the soil as a whole. According to the accepted classification, the rocks are divided: by origin (peat, loam, alluvial deposits); on chemical and mineralogical properties (feldspar, carbonate); by mechanical composition (sandy, clayey, loamy).

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