BQ smartphones: customer reviews of the best models

The company BQ has recently supplied to Russia a large number of a wide variety of smartphones. They are distinguished by low price, decent quality and good performance. This article will look at some interesting models of the company, their characteristics and analysis of feedback on BQ smartphones.

5201 Space

Within the company, this model can be considered a flagship. At the same time, its average cost is within 11 thousand rubles.

The design does not stand out with anything special, except that the plastic inserts along the upper and lower edges, separated by shiny lines.

The weight of the device is not felt in the hand. The phone is convenient and practical. Even if the smartphone is squeezed a little in the palm of your hand, no squeaks and backlashes are heard, that is, the device is assembled quite qualitatively.

smartphone bq reviews

Classic elements for smartphones were placed on the front. This is a screen, a set of sensors, a camera and a speaker. Quite a rare element that can be found in modern "smart" phones - an indicator of missed calls and SMS is also

There is also a single physical button that can perform three functions at once. First, it is a fingerprint scanner. Secondly, she can understand touch. And thirdly - it reacts to physical depression.


The display is based on the matrix IPS. Its resolution is 1280 by 720. At this size, the pixel density is 282 pixels per inch. When you change the angle of the image does not change, except that a little distorted color.

Battery capacity is 4000 mAh. With the average use of the charge should be enough for about a day.

The limit of the network standards used in this smartphone is 4G.

There is enough memory in the device - 3 GB operational and 32 built-in.

Cameras are not the smallest indicator for megapixels - 16 and 13.

Mediatek MT6753, which, in fact, is not so innovative, was used as a device engine. It has 8 cores with a frequency of 1.3 GHz. This hardware allows the operating system to operate smoothly and without lags.

As for the reviews on the smartphone BQ BQ-5201, then they are not so much. Basically, users say an excellent screen, good cameras and an affordable price.One of the owners in his review of the smartphone BQ-5201 Space said that the processor used in it, really budget and in the last heavy games a little "sags".

In general, the smartphone is ideal for everyday use. Several messengers, browser, average toys - with all this smartphone will cope with a bang.


A more clear name for this model is Strike Power. This is one of the novelties of the company BQ. Perhaps the most important difference between a smartphone and its analogs is a really powerful 5000 mAh battery. The remaining parameters are more standard.

The device is equipped with a screen of 5 inches with a resolution of 1280 by 720. The RAM is only 1 GB, which is a bit of an irrelevant solution for a modern gadget. Its own memory in the device 8 GB. For communication with other devices, there are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces. And in order not to get lost in an unfamiliar area, there is a GPS.

smartphone bq strike reviews

The device has two slots for SIM cards that can operate in a mode no higher than 3G.

Overview of the responses of the device

Reviews of the smartphone BQ-5059 Strike more often positive. In general, the phone really is not bad. Particularly reflected in almost every recall is a large battery capacity. There are also feedback on support for the OTG standard.

Naturally, almost all reviews of the smartphone BQ-5059 reflect the low price.

Performance also should not be discounted. In the presented phone it is also mentioned in many responses. Users note the smooth operation of applications and many modern games.

As for the criticism in the reviews of the BQ-5059 Strike Power smartphone, it is also present. For example, some did not like the quality of camera shots. Well, the performance is a bit lame in games that are particularly demanding of system resources.

Someone in the review of the BQ-5059 it seemed that the presented 3G standard will not be enough. With the lightning fast development of 4G technology and a comprehensive distribution, it could be included in this smartphone.

Some have some problems with the software. In particular, one of the owners noted that when installing a third-party widget, there is a strong hangup.

The touch screen does not always have the necessary sensitivity. There are false positives during operation or “phantom” touches.

Navigation is not implemented in the most reliable way. Satellites may not stay for a long time, even in good cloudless weather.Stability is also pumped up, and you can lose all the divisions of communication on the screen even for no apparent reason.

BQS-4800 Blade

This smartphone is out of the general range of the company. It has an interesting and attractive design. According to the developers, its body is made of special aircraft aluminum. Moreover, its weight is only 100 grams. This is one of the lightest smartphones in the entire palette of modern gadgets. The device is equipped with a protective glass Gorilla Glass, and on both sides. Its thickness is only 5 mm.

smartphone bq 5059 strike reviews

The screen size in the smartphone is 4.8 inches with a resolution of 1280 by 720. The display type is AMOLED. Quite good performance is guaranteed by a Snapdragon 410 processor with 4 cores and 1200 MHz frequencies. Adreno 306 provides video support. 16 GB is allocated for storing files and applications. And operational here - 2.

The smartphone knows how to work in the networks of the latest generation - 4G. To connect the rest of the peripherals are Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth. The battery in the device is not the most powerful - only 2000 mAh. Yes, and the operating system is not the latest - "Android 5.0".

User Comments

Reviews of the smartphone BQ-4800 reflect its main feature - an unusual design and a small thickness.True, this same factor can also become negative - for example, it is very easy to damage it in your pocket.smartphone bq 5201 space reviews

The screen, judging by the reviews of the smartphone BQ-4800, is very bright and clear, with a convenient diagonal size. Undoubtedly, the owners consider the presence of an indicator on the case, notifying about missed calls and SMS. The quality of the speakers and microphone at a decent level. The Internet is fast and without interruption.

As for the negative reviews about the BQ smartphone, among them there are responses to the absence of a slot for a flash card and a second sim. Also, with very active use, the 2000 mAh battery loses its charge in less than a day. Unknown prospects for the transition to a newer version of the operating system.


Of the entire range of the company BQ, this smartphone has the lowest cost. You can buy it depending on the store for from 1500 to 2500 rubles. For the money offered a very modest stuffing. The screen of the smartphone is only 3.5 inches, but the resolution for this size is not bad - 480 by 320. There are two cameras on the device - front and rear. Both are 2 MP and can record video. Available communication interface - 2G. There are two slots for SIM cards.

Smartphone bq bq 5201 reviews

Own memory for the current realities is not enough - 512 MB.Operational - 256. But you can expand the volume to 32 GB at the expense of the SD-card. The battery to match the device and has a volume of only 1200 mAh. The device is installed "Android 2.3", which is both morally and technically obsolete. Most modern applications already have a minimum threshold of version 4.4.

Reviews are mostly negative. They relate to both the performance and quality of the screen snapshots. Also, the version of the operating system has no chance to upgrade to the latest release.

In general, this device is aimed at those who need a "dialer" for some time, or a child, for mastering, with the subsequent transition to more serious devices.


The average smartphone that can satisfy the tastes and needs of most users. Its average price is 5 thousand rubles. For a screen of 5 inches, it has a completely acceptable resolution - 1280 by 720. The display matrix is ​​made using IPS technology. The smartphone can operate in network modes no higher than 3G. To do this, you can use two slots for SIM cards provided by the design.

Inside there is a high-performance MT6580 with 4 cores and a frequency of 1300 MHz. Mali-400 MP2 is responsible for rendering video data.With the size of the memory is not so bad - 8 and 1 GB. The first indicator is total memory, the second is “RAM”.

smartphone bq 5059 reviews

For the provision of smartphone energy is not the most capacious battery of 2500 mAh. There are two cameras on the device - the main one has 13 MP, the front one - 8 MP. The operating system is the “Android” of the latest 7th version.

Users appreciated this machine. Many liked the good display with large viewing angles, the latest version of Android, the acceptable quality of camera images and high performance. Naturally, the price flashes in many reviews as one of the most positive factors.

Deficiencies were found not so much. In many cases, they are associated with low battery capacity. 2500 mAh is spent literally half a day with intensive use.

Also, one of the owners noticed the lack of A-GPS, a system, without which the search time for satellites slightly increases.

BQ-5510 Strike Power

This model is another instance of "long-playing" smartphone. It is equipped with a capacious battery and at the same time has a good "iron".

The design of the device does not stand out with something special. Is that a little more than usual, the thickness of the shell.A 4-core MT6737 processor is in progress in its depths. Responsible for the graphics Mali T720. The amount of internal and internal memory - 8 and 1 GB, respectively. You can expand the drive up to 128 GB using an SD card.

smartphone bq mobile reviews

The software is represented by the latest version of “Android 7.0”. The screen is based on a 5.5-inch IPS matrix. The resolution could be used and more - 1280 to 720.

Cameras on the device 2. One has 13 MP, the second - 8. All communication modes available today are supported.

Well, and most importantly - a huge battery capacity. Here it has 5000 mAh.


Reviews of the smartphone BQ Strike 5510 is not so much, but judging by them, you can understand that the device was worthy. Firstly, a high capacity of the battery is positively assessed, from which the device can work for two days. Excellent performance allows you to comfortably use even demanding applications and games. The signal is received well and is kept stable, including in 4G mode.

As for the minuses reflected in the reviews of the smartphone BQ Strike Power 5510, users speak about the RAM, which could be installed and more.Also on the smartphone are pre-installed applications. But users in their reviews about the smartphone BQ Strike 5510 note that removing them is not difficult.

BQ-5202 Space Lite

This smartphone is a "light version" of the model 5201 Space. It is equipped with a 5.2-inch screen and a resolution of 1280 by 720. The RAM is slightly smaller, unlike the older brother - 2 GB. Also, the built-in memory is reduced by half and equal to 16 GB. Almost all the other characteristics of the phone remained at the level of the Space model.

Reviews of the smartphone BQ Space 5202 speak about its good performance. You can safely run "heavy" applications and some modern games. The battery in this device has a volume of 4000 mAh, which significantly allows you to extend the autonomy of the device even in the mode of active use.

BQ-5033 Shark

This smartphone is out of the general line of all devices of the company. Immediately catches his non-standard design and design. All four corners of the device are beveled at 45 degrees. The back panel is visually broken into decorative sectors. They give style and usability. The case itself has protection against impacts.

Another interesting difference is the presence of the mechanism of moisture protection standard IP65. Of course, it will not save from immersion in the water, but if the phone suddenly fell into the rain or was filled with drinks, then the defense will fulfill its task.

The hardware is represented by the high-performance MT6580 processor. 4 cores with a frequency of 1300 MHz are responsible for the calculations. Memory in modern standards is not enough - operational and built-in 1 and 8 GB, respectively.

Supported phone communication standards are limited to 3G mode. For wireless connections to the Internet and other devices there is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For navigation - GPS.

The screen, in addition to increased protection, does not have any features. Its size is 5 inches with an IPS matrix and a resolution of 1280 by 720.

The latest version of Android 7.0 is installed on the smartphone. A long time to work all this feature set allows the battery at 3200 mAh.

Reviews of the smartphone BQ Mobile 5033, mainly note the fact that for the current price of the device only its protective properties are interesting. As for the "iron", then they will not surprise anyone.


Basically, the BQ company delivers rather productive devices.However, in most cases, their cost is much lower than the more well-known brand models. The range is very large, which allows you to choose a smartphone for almost any need.

There is information support from the manufacturer. Also, smart phones are perfectly stitched and customized.

BQ is a relatively new player in the field of smartphones and gadgets, but it has already established itself well. If it continues to continue supplying high-quality, low-cost and productive smartphones, it is possible that it will also become leaders in this market.

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