Blood after the act: causes

If you notice blood after the act,Blood after the actDo not amuse yourself with the belief that this may be the norm for you. Doctors call this condition postcoital bleeding. This problem is most often encountered by young women. There are quite a few reasons that can cause such an unpleasant symptom as blood after intercourse. That is why you will certainly have to be examined by a reliable doctor to find out the provocateur pathologies and further eliminate them.

Blood after the act: the most common causes

In medical practice are considered the most common several reasons for this phenomenon:

  1. Inflammatory processes and diseases of the female reproductive system, such as inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis) and cervix (cervicitis). Such deviations can be caused by all sorts of fungal and even some bacterial infections, lack of hygiene, as well as taking certain medications.
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases also trigger blood.Bleeding after sexafter the act of the intimate organs.It may even be accompanied by itching and burning. These diseases are treated mainly with antibiotics.
  3. Mechanical causes. There is blood from injuries that the partner gets during excessively violent sex, for example, because of damage to the mucous walls and vaginal fornix, uterus.
  4. Erosions and polyps. It is these diseases that most often cause blood after the act. They need timely and prompt treatment. As a rule, doctors cauterize erosion, and remove polyps.
  5. Endometrium and endometriosis. In these diseases, bleeding from the genitals is also manifested.
  6. Contraceptive (oral). When used, the uterine mucosa tends to become thinner and may bleed after sex.
  7. Pathological changes that develop in the cells of the cervix.
  8. Tumor pathology of the genital organs.
  9. Ovulatory bleeding. The approach of the female body to this period can lead to secretions mixed with blood. Does not require special treatment, but a specialist for the prevention may prescribe drugs of plant origin.
  10. Ovary bone rupture. In addition to bleeding, sharp and nagging pains may occur.lower abdomen, lower back and perineum, instant weakness, dizziness, pale skin and tachycardia.
  11. Violation and termination of intrauterine pregnancy.

Blood after intercourseBleeding after sex: sum up

After reviewing the list of reasons that could cause such a symptom, we can conclude that in any case you need to visit a doctor. Well, if the blood is caused by banal causes, but what if you have something serious? It is better not to postpone the visit to the gynecologist, who will identify the problem and prescribe a health therapy. Do not forget about your partner. If he bleeds after sex or this kind of discharge occurs with ejaculation, then it is worthwhile to take care of timely visiting a doctor to diagnose diseases of the urinary tract.

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