Biography of Edita Piekha and interesting facts of life

The biography of Edita Piekha is replete with an amazing number of songs in Russian, French, Belarusian and many other languages. But whatever the letter of the alphabet: Russian or Polish, the melody of love is reflected in every new composition.

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Songs that remember ...

It is unlikely that the singer Edita P'eha, whose biography is famous for amazing songs, will now reach the top of the top music charts. However, literally every member of a mature age remembers the text of each bright composition. Brightness, elegance, plasticity and refined taste - this is the modest nature of a talented actress.

Edita Piekha’s biography is filled with an unusually large number of interesting facts, due to which an actress can rightly be called a legend. Songs are an integral part of her busy life; almost every inhabitant of the globe could enjoy them.

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Edita Pieha: biography. Death is powerless over talent

On the last day of July, the 31st of 1937, a charming little girl was born, who was named Edita. The girl was born just a few hundred kilometers from the capital of France - Paris. Her parents were Poles: Felicia Royal and Stanislav Piekha. The girl was named after her beautiful grandmother on the father’s side, Edith.

Oddly enough, but the first concert, which is famous for the biography of Edita Piekha, took place in 7 years. Only the news of the Great Victory spread throughout Europe, in honor of the Soviet troops, the girl entered a huge square and sang the popular Marseillaise. Gathered audience appreciated the performance. In the same year, the girl’s family moved to Poland.

School years

All her childhood, little Edita lived in France, so moving to Poland was a blow to her, the language barrier was the main obstacle for her adaptation. Edita did not want to stay in the ranks of girls in the new school. Making an incredible effort on herself, by the seventh grade she had learned a new language almost perfectly. Over time, her status as an honorary pupil entrenched in the Polish school.

Edita Piekha, whose biography and songs are heard all over the world, began her creative development in the Polish choir.This kind of activity helped the girl to overcome the language barrier, to feel the atmosphere of the new country, and also to make a small contribution to the development of her society. But even during the school years, the future artist did not assume that she would devote her whole life to the stage. After graduation, she entered the prestigious Pedagogical Lyceum.

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Great Edita Pieha

In 1955, after graduating from the pedagogical lyceum, Edith, thanks to the permit of the Polish Komsomol, moved to study at one of the universities of Leningrad. Even here she gathered a huge audience, performing musical compositions in the choir. Its first professional leader was Alexander Bronevitsky, an employee of the Leningrad Philharmonic Society.

It was he who created a bright ensemble called “Friendship”, where a young star of the Soviet scene was lit. The first performance, which painted the biography of Edita Piekha, was the performance of the playful song “The Red Bus”. Then, in front of a large audience, a young girl came out in a small sweater and sports shoes. What kind of concert dress does a student of the Institute of Pedagogy have here? And then came the turning point, when Piekha’s career rushed upward rapidly.

The star performance on the most magical New Year's Eve turned for her to work at the Leningrad Philharmonic Society. Now every inhabitant of Leningrad spoke about the beautiful appearance and not less surprising voice of the girl. Became a key figure of the ensemble, which gave twenty years of his life Edita P'eha. Biography, date of death most interested fans of the artist. Rumor has it that Edita is no longer with us. The reason for this was the production of a television series called "Edith" (it should be noted, without the consent of the artist). But, fortunately, these are just baseless assumptions. Edita Stanislavovna is not only alive, but also continues to perform and pleases fans with her talent.

Alexander Bronevitsky and Edita Pyekha: biography. How many years have they walked together?

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From the first days of her acquaintance in the future, the great actress saw her first Pygmalion in the first head Alexandra Bronevitsky. Moreover, it was not only about the creative sphere, but also her personal life. Close and fruitful cooperation served as a convincing reason for the development of serious relations. After a year and a half young people got married.

However, the happy future of the newlyweds was disrupted by the first creative blow to Bronevitsky’s career: in 1959, the Art Council of the Leningrad variety art festival prohibited its ensemble from taking part in concert programs. The reason for this decision was that more than 90% of the participants of “Friendship” did not have a musical education.

Approaching the hour of the dissolution of the team. In this regard, Piekha was forced to visit the capital of Russia and challenge the decision in the Art Council of the RSFSR Ministry of Culture. Surprised by the actions of the local authorities, the main cultural body of the state gave the go-ahead for the further activities and development of the Druzhba ensemble. The danger has passed.

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Free Bird

In 1976, the singer made an extraordinary decision to create her own artistic team. Its head, she appointed one of the graduates of the Leningrad Conservatory, Grigory Kleimitsa. And the first significant performance at the All-Russian Competition of Performers brought a bright victory to the participants of the ensemble in Sochi.

Edita P'eha became a “pioneer” in many ways. It was this woman who first took the microphone from the stand and began free communication with the public.Moreover, the singer has a record number of giant discs. Yes, the creative work of a fragile woman of the fair sex did not go unnoticed. Every year of the career, the Soviet variety fund has been replenished with songs such as “City of Childhood”, “Become such”, “The Danube Wreath” and many others. Almost every bright composition was translated into German, Polish, French and other languages ​​of foreign countries. The total circulation of the released records was several tens of millions of copies.

What is hidden behind the screen

Editha Pieha singer biography

With her first husband - Alexander Bronevitsky - the singer spent the best 20 years of her life. In 1961, she gave birth to a daughter, Bronevitskaya Ilona Alexandrovna. But even the birth of a child could not prevent the inevitable separation - Edita could not turn a blind eye to Bronevitsky's endless novels. Each resident of the Soviet Union knew what was the biography of Edita Piekha. Her personal life, oddly enough, has long been hidden behind seven locks. The achievements of the artist are reflected in numerous books and musical encyclopedias, but the notes of personal life rarely penetrated the pages.The time has come to shed a bit of light on the other side of fate, which a few decades ago interested every citizen of our country.

The second husband of the actress was the KGB colonel Gennady Shestakov, but the great woman did not find her happiness with him either. The reason for the breakdown of relations was the well-known problem of drunkenness. As the singer assumed, the third marriage with journalist Vladimir Polyakov also proved unsuccessful.

Interesting facts that you did not know

  1. edita play biography and songsEdita P'eha is terribly afraid to drive a car. She sat down the only time "to twist the wheel of her vacuum cleaner," but the attempt was unsuccessful: the incredible turns made her first husband horrified. After that, Bronevitsky forbade his wife to drive. Now the singer is accompanied everywhere by a personal driver.
  2. The loudest hearing of the Soviet Union was the myth of the novel of Edita Piekha with Gagarin. Once the singer was invited to relax in a country house after the concert. The first cosmonauts were invited there. During the game of volleyball actress stumbled and sprained her leg, as a result of which she was unable to get to the hospital. Yuri Gagarin kindly carried her in his arms.Photos of this moment scattered around the world, but the rumors did not find real confirmation.
  3. The main decoration of any concert dress Piekha always been roses. She came up with this style at a time when there was practically no jewelry, and she had to shine, no matter what. Thus was born a new concert image.

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Biography of Edita Piekha and interesting facts of life 100

Biography of Edita Piekha and interesting facts of life 14

Biography of Edita Piekha and interesting facts of life 32

Biography of Edita Piekha and interesting facts of life 14

Biography of Edita Piekha and interesting facts of life 90

Biography of Edita Piekha and interesting facts of life 78

Biography of Edita Piekha and interesting facts of life 60

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