Bill Goldberg: biography and photo

Worldwide known wrestler Bill Goldberg, before coming to this sport, worked in a nightclub, and, bouncer. Once he met with Diamond Paige, and since then his life has changed dramatically. It was he who advised him that a person with such physical data should not languish in some kind of provincial bar, but should be engaged in wrestling. Prior to that, Billy did not take this sport seriously, but he decided to try himself in this field and was not mistaken. He has become the absolute world champion, invincible!bill goldberg [

Bill Goldberg: Biography

The future wrestler was born in late 1966 in the American city of Tulsa (Oklahoma). His parents are Jewish by nationality. His father, Jed Goldberg, is a graduate of Harvard, was an obstetrician-gynecologist (in 2006 he died), his mother is a musician, a cellist. In addition, she breeds orchids. The family was large, and Bill was the youngest child. Besides him, brothers, Michael and Steve, and sister Barbara grew up in the family. They were all brought up in the Jewish faith. When the children grew up, the parents divorced.In adolescence, Bill began to get involved in hang-gliders and martial arts, received a class in jujitsu and judo. Together with his brothers, he flew acrobatic airplanes. Today, his brother Michael lives in Miami and is engaged in yachting, but Steve has nothing to do with the sport, he is the owner of a network of expensive restaurants.bill goldberg movies

Football in the life of Goldberg

The future wrestler was a big fan of American football, always rooted for the Oakland Raiders team, and his idol was John Matuszak. He joined the school football team and very soon began to make progress. By age 16, he was 193 centimeters tall. The coaches decided that he was a promising player, so very soon he moved to the professional league, where he spent 3 seasons. However, he behaved on the field is not quite adequate: constant disagreements, fights, insults. Because of this, judges often removed him from the field. There was even a case when he was disqualified due to the use of doping, but it was just marijuana, which he occasionally indulged in. Then he was expelled from the team, and Billy only a year later was able to return to football in the team of Los Angles Rams,but his participation in it was not successful and did not bring him anything, then he had to leave professional American football due to injury.

Debutwcw tough fight bill goldberg

After graduating from school, Bill Goldberg, whose photos were posted in the article, entered the University of Georgia at the Faculty of Psychology, after which he received a master's degree in practical psychology. In parallel with his studies, Bill got a job at a bar, a bouncer. Here he met with some Diamond D. Page, and he offered the young strongman to wrestle. Before entering the ring, he trained for about 4 months. His skills and training in the judo section helped him a lot. Then he spent several dark fights before the debut, during one of them he managed to win the squash Buddy Landel, Hector Guerrero and others. In the summer of 1997, Bill Goldberg first entered the ring as a wrestler. His opponent was the big man Hugh Morrus. Bill was very similar to Austin Steve, which, oddly enough, did not like the audience. Nevertheless, in a matter of minutes he coped with his opponent, and this delighted all the spectators. The debutant stood in the ring, and the hall stood to greet him.It was obvious that the viewer liked the new wrestler.bill goldberg fights

A bit of history

When Goldberg studied at the University of Georgia and lived in Atlanta, he often met wrestling stars of WCW. Despite the fact that this world seemed to him quite exciting, nevertheless, he never took their work seriously. Bill regularly trained his body and attended a sports center owned by Sting and Lex Luger. They immediately appreciated the physical characteristics of the young man and suggested that he try his hand at the ring. His first coach was Duane Bruce, who worked at the WCW Power Plant Center.


A year after the first fight, Bill Goldberg won his first championship title. His rival was the famous athlete Hulk Hogan. The match took place in the hometown of Bill in Atlanta. Fans began to call him "the king of squash". In addition, we must not forget that Goldberg was an American football player, and he applied his patented combinations of football techniques Jackhammer and Spear to his rivals. Every day his popularity as an invincible wrestler grew. The famous Hogan, after losing, long wanted to get back the world champion's belt, so he began to incite his teammates: Gold Hall, S. Norton, C. Hennig, and others.Since 1997, he has been a member of the WCW (Tough Fight) for 4 years. In 1998, Goldberg was proclaimed the most famous wrestler in the world, and was given the honorary title of PWI, the newcomer of 1998. Bill Goldberg then went to WWE, where he fought for one year. It was he who in the entire history of wrestling became the owner of the longest series of "victories", namely 173-0. He did not miss a single opportunity to fight a worthy opponent. This continued until 2006, when wrestler Kevin Nash with the help of Scott Hall defeated Goldberg and seized his championship belt. After this match, he got angry, ran out to the parking lot and with his fist broke the glass of the car. After that, he was given 190 stitches. After that, he had no choice but to leave the sport, but not forever.Bill Goldberg photo

Special Bout: Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar

I especially want to tell about this terrible fight, which was called the Royal Battle of 2004. The fighter who won her will fight for his title on PPV (WrestleMania XX). In its course, Goldberg beat Matt Hardy, Scot Steiner and Testa. This was followed by a mini-royal battle on the RAW. Before the King-Boy, Bill had a very unfriendly conversation with Brock Lesnar.And the match began. In a matter of minutes, Goldberg scattered all rivals in the corners, while throwing some into the ring, and was about to go with the hammer on the Big Show, but suddenly Brock Lesnar appeared from somewhere and took the Goldberg F5. After that, Kurt Angle was able to throw Goldberg out of the ring. The next time Goldber took revenge on Lesnar, making him a harpoon. As a result, Lesnar lost Guerrero. After 12 years, the wrestlers met again at Raw. This time, Goldberg defeated Lesnar, and the battle lasted no more than 2 minutes.bill goldberg biography [

Actor career

After retiring from the sport, Bill took up an acting career. The famous wrestling fighter was an excellent find for directors who are filming in this genre. He took part in several feature films. They were quite successful, because the viewer was wondering what kind of actor Bill Goldberg became. Films with his participation, recorded on discs, bought up well. He played in more than 30 films.


In parallel with his acting career, Bill Goldberg began to develop television. He began to appear in commercials, and also became a participant and presenter of Bullrun, on SpikeTV.In 2007, he was invited to Hulk Hogan’s CCW. Old recordings were shown as part of which Bill Goldberg fought. His battles were in fact very spectacular, and, after viewing them, one of the famous authors created a wrestling game, where Goldberg was one of the characters, who after winning pointed to the screen and spoke the crown words of Bill “You're next (you’re ). The former wrestler also starred in music videos. So, it can be seen in the music video by the band MegaDeth for the song "Universal Soldier 2".Bill Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar [1]

Personal life

In the spring of 2005, Bill married. His chosen one was Wanda Ferraton. In May 2006, the couple had a son, whom the happy parents named Gage. Today, Goldberg has a network of sports halls under the Obake brand, where both wrestlers and those who advocate a healthy lifestyle train. He is also a great social activist and activist, a protector of our smaller brothers. His mission is to consider charity, he is involved in several very important projects to support the poor.

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