Best TV shows of the world: rating. The most popular foreign TV shows

Every year hundreds of TV shows appear on the screen. Some reveal the story of new characters, others continue the story of already known people, and others complete the path of their beloved characters.

Especially distinguished shows are not only loved by millions of viewers, but also included in the list of "The best series of the world." The rating is based on the estimates and the number of views. The viewer can find a series for every taste - from funny sitcoms to mystical and mysterious films.

Next will be the best series of the world, whose rating is based on the ratings of the audience.

"Game of Thrones"

At the top of the list is one of the most popular projects on the HBO. The series "Game of Thrones" for six seasons has received high marks from critics and collects millions of television viewers from the screens. His rating is 9.5 points.The project has about a hundred characters and dozens of storylines.

TV series Dr. House

The series "Game of Thrones" takes viewers to Västerås. Seven Kingdoms rejoice long summer. For fifteen years on these lands there was no war. King Robert Baratheon confidently manages his possessions. But not everyone likes such a world. When the Hand of the King dies in terrible agony, Robert decides to go to the North. In the cold and merciless lands lives his friend - Eddard Stark. Robert invites him to become a new Hand and help the king find conspirators in order to execute them.

Reluctantly, Ned agrees to the offer. And then strange events begin to occur. The son of Ned - Bran - breaks down from the tower and breaks the spine. And soon someone sends a mercenary to kill the boy who has not regained consciousness. And in the capital Ned learns a terrible secret about the crown prince ...

"Breaking bad"

In the second place, with a rating of 9.4, was the episode "Breaking Bad".

For many years, the life of Walter White did not differ diversity. Working as a school chemistry teacher, he kept the whole family. He had no time for entertainment and hobbies.

But one day a terrible sentence falls upon Walter: lung cancer.White understands that expensive chemotherapy and long-term drug treatment can not afford it. It only exacerbates the already precarious financial situation of the family.

sons of anarchy tv series

Walter gets out of the situation in a radical way. White leaves work and decides to start cooking meth. But alone, he can not cope with the laboratory, and with the spread of drugs. Then the former teacher turns for help to Jesse Pinkman. A few years ago, the young man was expelled from school, and Walter himself contributed to this. But Pinkman, due to the blocking of UBN left without an accomplice and laboratory, agrees to White’s proposal.


The series of British production scored 9.2 points and confidently took third place in the ranking.

What would Sherlock Holmes be like if he lived in the twenty-first century? All the same ingenious detective and unbearable interlocutor.

London, 2010. John Watson, who went through the war in Afghanistan and was wounded there, returns to his hometown. But post-traumatic stress disorder does not allow him to live peacefully. In order to somehow brighten up loneliness, he is looking for a man who will become his neighbor.By chance, he encounters Sherlock Holmes, who in the first minutes of dating gives out too many personal facts about John, without burdening the fellowship with a greeting.

series sherlock

Not having time to look back, John is embroiled in an investigation into the murder and becomes the partner of the most prominent detective in the UK - Sherlock Holmes.

"Real Detective"

“Real Detective” - the series that turned the crime genre. The project scored 9 points and climbed to fourth place.

In the center of the plot - detectives Martin Hart and Rast Cole. Martin Hart is a happy family man and a great father. In his life, everything is smooth, he has time to work and devote time to loved ones. Rast Cole - the exact opposite. He is an inveterate bachelor who lives in one job. Cole - a closed person who can not get along even with colleagues.

series the big bang theory

Two detectives met back in 1995 when a serial killer cleared up in Louisiana. Together, detectives managed to stop the criminal. Rather, they thought so. In 2012, the case of seventeen years ago was reopened, as there was a completely identical murder. Hart and Cole will again catch the killer.

"Very strange things"

The new series, consisting of eight series, quickly became popular and earned 8.9 points, taking the fifth place.

The eighties of the last century. Life in a small provincial town is not diverse. But a quiet and peaceful existence destroys the disappearance of the boy Will. The police cannot find Will’s tracks, and his closest friends believe that there is a monster behind the disappearance.

series friends

Mike and friends begin their own investigation, during which they find the child. But not Will, but a girl of their age. She is shaved bald, barely speaks and responds to the name Eleven. But when the guys are in danger, she discovers telepathic abilities.

Further events unfold rapidly. Children will learn that monsters exist. And one of them came to their city for fresh blood. Mike, Eleven and their friends are drawn into a real war.


The series "Friends" was first released on screens back in 1994, but to this day it remains one of the most popular and favorite TV shows in the world. Sitcom got to sixth place and scored 8.8 points.

The story of the series develops around six friends: Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey.

series friends

Running away from her own wedding, Rachel runs into a coffee shop to call and call the car.But in the institution she meets old friends - Monica and Ross Geller. Childhood friends offer girl help. On the same day, Rachel settles in Monica’s apartment. So begins the story, glorified the series "Friends."

However, Rachel's parents are not thrilled with the act of her daughter, and she, contrary to their expectations, breaks all ties. Rachel, accustomed to living in luxury, cuts bank cards and gets a job as a waitress at the Central Coffee House. And soon the whirlpool of events captures all six friends.

"Dr. House"

On the "Sherlock Holmes" in the world of medicine will tell the series "Dr. House." The series has earned high praise from the audience - 8.7 points. And placed, thus, in the seventh place ranking.

Gregory House is a brilliant doctor. He is able in the shortest possible time to identify the cause of the patient’s poor health. In the clinic, all the most complicated cases are transmitted to him. No one questions his professionalism.

series game of thrones

That's just House in all ways avoids work in the emergency room and communication with patients. He does not believe what they say. His motto: "Everybody lies." Due to the fact that the victims are not always honest with the doctor, he does not immediately detect the disease. With colleagues things are even worse.Throughout the clinic, only two people can tolerate House society: James Wilson and Lisa Cuddy. The first is his best friend, and Cuddy is the head physician of the clinic.

The series “Doctor House” will tell about how, at the insistence of Lisa Cuddy, a group of doctors was assigned to House. Cameron, Chase and Foreman are young and ambitious. And it is they who will fight with House for the lives of patients.


Non-standard story about the capture of the killers in the TV series "Dexter" won the love of viewers and scored 8.7 points, confidently settling in eighth place.

Dozens of films talk about the work of the police who stop the serial killers. “Dexter” is a serial of the same direction, only the serial killer himself plays the leading role.

TV series supernatural

Morgan Dexter is a forensic scientist at the Miami police station. His specialty is blood. From her sprays, he can determine the height of the killer, the murder weapon, and other details that are important to the investigation. But sometimes even strong evidence does not help to put a criminal behind bars. And then Dexter takes matters into his own hands.

He kills and dismembers the killers, and throws the remains into the ocean. But doing Dexter is not out of love for people.He himself is a serial killer. But his villains are always other villains. He does not touch civilians. But everything changes when a maniac equal to Dexter appears in the city.


The series "Supernatural" tells the story of two brothers who hunt evil. For twelve seasons, the project has been high in the rankings. The audience rated the show at 8.6 points, placing it in ninth place.

More than twenty years ago, a demon killed mom Dean and Sam Winchester. After that, their father began to teach his sons to fight the undead in order to avenge his mother. The children grew up, and their paths diverged. Dean continues the work of the family, and Sam decided to turn off this path and go to college.

real detective series

But his quiet life ends when Dean arrives on campus and reports that his father is missing. Together they go in the footsteps of their father and encounter a ghost that kills unfaithful men. Winchesters manage to deal with him, but Sam says that he is not going to continue to hunt. Returning home, he sees a demon killing his girlfriend. The death of a loved one makes Sam go back to the hunt in order to find the one who killed Jessica.

The series "Supernatural" is a story about how important a family is and that it consists not only of blood relatives.

"Sons of Anarchy"

The top ten of the rating, having gained 8.5 points, is closed by the “Sons of Anarchy” - a series that unfolds in the small settlement of Charming. In the center of events is a group of bikers who call themselves “sons of anarchy”. They conduct illegal activities in the city: they sell weapons, they kill by request. But, despite the fact that they themselves are breaking the law, the “sons of anarchy” direct all forces to the fight against the drug network that seized Charming.

the walking dead tv series

Bikers located headquarters in the club "Sons of Anarchy." The series also shows the attitude of the locals to the club. Residents understand that the “sons” are breaking the law, but they trust the bikers, as they keep order in the city and protect young people from irreparable mistakes.

At the head of the gang stands Jack Teller. For years, he did not question the rightness of his mother and stepfather. But one day he sees something that changes his life.

"The walking Dead"

The eleventh place and 8.4 points earned the series The Walking Dead.

The theme of apocalypse, epidemics and zombies is becoming more popular.Fans of such projects will be liked by the Walking Dead. The series tells the story of the first years of survival of people faced with an epidemic. On the whole Earth, not many survivors remained, the world-wide Apocalypse absorbed almost all living things.

world's best series rating

Sheriff Rick Grimes fell into a coma shortly before the epidemic. When he woke up, chaos reigned in the hospital. There was blood everywhere, the medical equipment was broken and turned upside down. But the worst thing is that there was not a single living soul in the hospital. The only exceptions were zombies locked in the basement. Rick's main goal is to find a wife and son. For this, he overcomes the pain and goes in search of a family.

“The Walking Dead” is a series that realistically shows all the difficulties that humanity faced after an epidemic. Their life is flight, where the slightest mistake entails death.

"The Big Bang Theory"

And on the twelfth place in the rating with an estimate of 8.3 points is a project about scientists.

The series The Big Bang Theory talks about the lives of four scientists: Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj. They are all extremely clever, but at the same time unable to communicate adequately with the opposite sex.After work, scientists hang out in a comic book store, attend conventions, play video games and arrange movie marathons.

dexter tv series

But their life changes when the lovely girl Penny infuses the apartment opposite. Leonard, only after seeing her, realizes that he has fallen in love. The series "The Big Bang Theory" shows that the hearts of "great minds" are also subject to love.

Thanks to the diligence of Leonard Penny joins the company. She learns that Sheldon is absolutely unable to communicate with people. Howard loves bright outfits and phrases in various languages, and Raj, until he drinks, is not able to utter words in the company of a girl.

Instead of an epilogue

A small selection containing the best TV shows of the world, the rating of which is based on audience ratings, will help pass more than one evening. Viewing cult TV shows will also allow you to keep abreast of references, slipping into conversations of friends and acquaintances.

But do not forget that people have different tastes. And even if the show is part of the list of “The Best TV Shows in the World”, the rating of which exceeds the limit, this does not mean that everyone will like it.

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