Stomach dropping when to give birth? Belly before childbirth

“Belly down. When to give birth? ”- this question is of concern to almost all expectant mothers. It is considered a harbinger of imminent labor. It usually occurs at 38-40 week. When the belly goes down during pregnancy,this is accompanied by certain symptoms. For example, shortness of breath, heartburn, appetite returns, gait changes. From unpleasant symptoms, urination increases, discomfort appears in the pelvic region, sleep is disturbed. These and some other signs in aggregate suggest that childbirth is very close. However, many factors usually influence the week when the expectant mother's stomach fell. When to give birth? It depends on the general state of health and hormonal background, the physique and structure of the pelvis, the position of the fetus (subject or prelying), the characteristics of the abdominal muscles. It is very important to know when the belly drops during pregnancy, at what time it happens.

lowered belly when giving birth

If the uterus prolapse is accompanied by pain or discomfort, the expectant mother needs bed rest, and it is desirable to lie on her side in order to redistribute the load. In no case can not take anesthetic drugs, many of them are contraindicated during pregnancy. The best helper in such a situation would be a relaxing bath with salt or herbs.

How to understand that the stomach is lowered

when the belly drops during pregnancy

The change in the shape of the abdomen is very noticeable. So any future mother will be able to easily understand whether her belly has dropped. And she will notice it, even if other symptoms are mild. In the later stages of pregnancy, the belly looks like a bouncy ball or ball. After omission, it has, rather, an elliptical shape, no longer props up the chest (a palm can easily fit between it and the chest).

First and re-pregnancy

when the stomach sinks before giving birth

The number of previous pregnancies directly affects the time when the stomach falls. Before childbirth, those who are multiparous have only a few days left. But everything is individual. When the belly is lowered in figurines, it is impossible to say. And it is also not clear in this case how soon childbirth will begin.Omission may begin in the middle of the third trimester, closer to week 36. And although the difference in the manifestations does not exist (when the abdomen is lowered before the birth), the multiplying symptoms are more pronounced and rapid. This is because the body is already adapted to pregnancy and childbirth. The time from the omission of the abdomen to the birth of a child into the world is purely individual and optimal for the mother's body. Therefore, no doctor will say for sure how much the belly drops before delivery. However, if this happened long before the expected date, you should still contact the gynecologist and consult about the bandage. It will help relieve tension from the waist and get rid of stretch marks. The most important thing here is to choose a suitable bandage that will not compress the fruit. After all, a child already experiences discomfort before the birth.

After the uterus falls, the expectant mother becomes much easier. However, she needs to monitor her intimate hygiene more thoroughly, and also to exclude sex, because they can cause premature birth and even harm the unborn baby.

Other signs of early delivery

how much does the belly sink

As already mentioned, not always delivery should be soon after the belly fell. When giving birth, other symptoms will say. For example, pain in the sacrum, pinkish discharge, or exit mucus plug. If these symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor. Most likely, he immediately sent to the hospital.

False contractions

False (or training) contractions begin at the expectant mother almost immediately after the abdominal prolapse. As the birth approaches, they gradually increase. This is the preparation of the body for the future complex physiological process. False contractions do not threaten the child and the mother, and they are also painless. The mechanism of false contractions is simple - these are short-term contractions of the uterus, which last no longer than two minutes. The abdomen tenses or becomes stone, and then everything passes.

Preparing for childbirth

when the belly drops in figurine

After the expectant mother's stomach drops, when to give birth, it becomes a rhetorical question. The most important thing is to properly prepare for the upcoming event. First of all, you need to finally decide in which hospital your child will be born, to notify the doctor observing the pregnancy.After that, you need to get all the necessary documents (direction, exchange card) and collect things.

In the last month, it is important to be ready at any moment to take everything you need and go to the maternity hospital, because when the belly drops during pregnancy for the last time, it is impossible to say for sure, but the time of birth is very close. Therefore, it is better to prepare several packages in advance - things for yourself and the baby that will be needed during your stay in the hospital, and things that will be brought to the discharge. It is also better to leave home instructions in advance so as not to worry and not frantically try to remember something in the last minutes before leaving.

Now let's talk more about what the future mother will need at the maternity hospital. It is necessary to take several gowns of cotton material, bras a size larger than the current one for feeding (the cups of such models of linen are unfastened), personal care products, and nipple pads.

Condition before birth

lowered belly when giving birth

After the uterus has fallen and it becomes clear that the delivery is short, the pregnant woman should be especially careful in monitoring her condition.First of all, she should remain calm and be as careful as possible. It may be better to be hospitalized in advance - this will provide a number of advantages:

  • giving birth in an already familiar place;
  • doctors will know in advance the details of the woman in labor;
  • the option "do not get to the hospital" is excluded.

About premature hospitalization should consult a doctor, and in the case when something creates a threat to the expectant mother and her child. It can be a serious general illness, the possibility of bleeding during childbirth, late toxicosis, a narrow pelvis, the position of the fetus or replanting. In all these cases, you need to protect yourself and your baby as much as possible.

Thus, lowering the abdomen is not something to be afraid of. You just need to follow the recommendations of the doctors, monitor your health and psychological state and be ready at any moment to give birth to your little happiness.

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