"Retinol base": instructions and reviews

Modern manufacturers offer us a huge range of a wide variety of medicines needed to maintain health. One of them - “Retinol base” - a universal emulsion, which is currently very popular among consumers. The scope of this drug is very diverse.

riciniol base

It is used both for medicinal purposes and in cosmetology. However, despite the ever-increasing popularity, there are quite a few people who have never heard of this tool, what it is and how it is properly applied. This article is intended for them.

Short description

"Retinol base" is a drug that allows for effective personal prophylaxis to protect health from bacterial and viral infections, as well as from fungal diseases. It is used for skin care and for mucous membranes, as a cosmetic, prophylactic and wellness remedy.Universal emulsion designed for children and their parents, grandparents. It is used to prevent various diseases, to care for patients and as a means to provide first aid for injuries received in everyday life.

The composition of the drug "Retinol base" are only natural ingredients. That is why it can be used for a long time.

History of creation

A unique medicine was developed by Olga Nikolaevna Martsinkevich, who graduated in her time at the Department of Molecular Biology at the Novosibirsk State University. A unique emulsion created in 1983 by experiment. This is how the best proportions of natural compounds contained in the emulsion were selected, the duration of the reactions, as well as temperature and other conditions were estimated. The properties of the samples obtained as a result of experiments were analyzed using microbiological and biochemical methods.

Today "Retinol" is implemented in several versions:

However, the most popular of all the means is still "Retinol base."

Production and sales

After the emulsion "Retinol base" proved itself as a highly effective means, the creator had a question about its mass production. For this purpose, on 23.02.1998, the Marianna Research and Production Company was opened. And since November of the same year, the company began its cooperation with the company "Argo".

riciniol base instruction

"Retinol base" then began to distribute not only in Russia but also abroad. Representatives of the company "Argo" showed a creative approach to the issue of implementing a unique tool. Due to this, it has become widely used by various segments of the population, identifying with all the new and new features of the drug.


What does the "Riciniol Base" emulsion include? Instructions for use introduces us to its composition. The main component of this universal remedy is castor oil. Its Latin name is Oleum ricini.

Castor oil is one of the components of many antiseptic and wound healing balms and ointments, for example, Konkov, Vishnevsky, etc. It has been actively used to date as a laxative, as well as a substance that contributes to uterine contraction.In the people, castor was not always considered an excellent means of obstetric aid. It was used for hair density and shine. Naturopathic medicine in Western Europe and today is actively using castor oil to combat various diseases.

What other components are included in its composition "Retinol base"? Instructions for use indicates the presence in the tool:

  • purified water infused in shungite;
  • antioxidant complex;
  • phosphatides;
  • phytosterols;
  • a complex of amino acids and vitamins;
  • tannins;
  • alkaloids and glycosides;
  • various types of acids (linolenic and ricinioleic monounsaturated, stearic and oleic, and carboxylic fatty acids).

The main advantages of this universal emulsion lie in its naturalness, environmental cleanliness and high quality of all its constituent components. Means does not contain stabilizers, dyes, preservatives and other artificial additives. At the same time it is produced in the city of Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region, the territory of which is environmentally friendly.

How does it work?

Its unique effect "Retinol base" has largely due to the presence in its composition of a complex of carboxylic fatty acids.The emulsion contains a lot of monounsaturated acids, which are very difficult for a person with nutrition. And after all, they provide the activity of energy and plastic functions of the body, are involved in the biosynthesis of vitamins, hormones and other biological compounds. In addition, monounsaturated acids are the main components of cell membranes.

ricyniol base for eyesThe beneficial effect of the emulsion on our body is also due to its unique structure. Unlike castor oil, Riciniol base penetrates perfectly into fabrics, where it is fully and quickly absorbed. That is why the reviews of those who have already used this drug speak about its instant effect, in which the natural processes occurring in the human body do not change.


Due to the fact that "Retinol base" composition has a truly unique, it has a remarkable effect on the body. The drug has the following properties:

  1. Anti-inflammatory. Emulsion "Retinol base" reviews receives as a great tool that affects pain and redness, swelling and fever.That is, all types of body reactions associated with the inflammatory process.
  2. Hemostatic. Such properties of the emulsion are perfectly manifested in the case of capillary bleeding, that is, with cuts and abrasions, as well as minor injuries. Stops the remedy and nosebleeds. "Retinol base" shows its high effect even in those patients who suffer from bleeding disorders.
  3. Local painkillers. Such properties are expressed in connection with antispasmodic, antigiloksicheskie and anti-inflammatory effects of the emulsion. The tool increases the threshold of sensitivity, significantly accelerating the synthesis of pleasure hormones, while stimulating biologically active zones located in the deeper layers of the skin.
  4. The ability to quickly restore damaged tissue. This is one of the main properties of the emulsion, which, when it reaches the lesion, manifests a whole range of effects. Among them are anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, analgesic and hemostatic. At the same time, the tool nourishes the tissues and saturates them with oxygen.This contributes to the prevention of purulent complications and early wound healing. Rapid healing of wounds, which would normally have been delayed for 30 days, is facilitated by applications with a unique emulsion. The dressings need to be changed three times a day. Similar properties "Retinol base" shows when frostbite and burns.
  5. Surface active. In the opinion of doctors and consumers of the emulsion, it is able to easily clean up abrasions and wounds, in which sand or earth fell, broken glass and other debris. To do this, it is enough to attach a napkin moistened with the preparation to the damaged tissue. In the same way, various splinters can be extracted.
  6. Cytotoxic. The emulsion acts on reborn cells.
  7. Trophic. "Retinol base" easily penetrates the body, affecting many structures, including the nerve fibers.
  8. Adaptive and antioxidant. The emulsion manifests these properties due to the presence of oxygen-containing fatty acids. These components reduce the effect of endogenous oxidative stress, contribute to the mobilization of the internal reserves of the body and increase its adaptive capabilities.
  9. Cosmetic.Means "Retinol base" reviews patients receives as an excellent drug, affecting the mucous membranes and skin.

ricyniol base universal emulsion

Indications for use

For whom is the "Retinol Base"? The instruction to the drug says that it can be used by people of any age, possessing a variety of physiological features. The only limitation in the application of the emulsion is the individual sensitivity to the individual components of the product.

What diseases can be used for "Retinol base"? The instruction to this tool says that it is effective when:

  • adenoids, sore throats, arthrosis, allergies, alveolitis;
  • herpes, sinusitis, hemorrhoids, gingivitis and fungal infections;
  • dermatitis;
  • Eustacheite;
  • cough and cataracts, conjunctivitis and pruritus, as well as subcutaneous hemorrhages;
  • Hodgkin's disease and laryngitis, lymphostasis and lymphadenitis, as well as during radiation therapy;
  • mycoses of nails and feet, disorders of microcirculation of lymph and blood;
  • neurodermatitis;
  • frostbite and burns, metabolic and dystrophic phenomena of the musculoskeletal system, otitis, skin diaper rash and local edema;
  • paradontosis, paraproctitis and proctitis, prickly heat and prostatitis, with poor healing of postoperative stitches, as well as to prevent wound infection after tick removal procedures;
  • various types of wounds, including nonhealing;
  • stomatitis and sinusitis, streptoderma and hydradenitis;
  • cracked nipples and injuries, tonsillitis and trophic ulcers, scratches on the mucous membranes and skin;
  • insect bites and ultraviolet radiation, bruises and urethritis;
  • furunculosis and pharyngitis;
  • exacerbations of chronic ailments and cold allergies;
  • eczema;
  • barley

Where else does “Retinol base” apply? The instructions attached to the emulsion say that it can be used for the following:

  • hair in order to eliminate their loss, with seborrhea, as well as to increase luster and elasticity and to restore after dyeing;
  • an eye to remove postoperative adhesions and increase shine, to rid the skin around the eyes from irritation and wrinkles;
  • lips with herpes, irritation, inflammation, to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin;
  • teeth in order to prevent inflammation, pain, discomfort, as well as accelerate the healing process of the injured areas of the mucosa, with gingivitis and periodontal disease;
  • ear, throat and nose for the purpose of complex therapy or prevention of any pathologies;
  • mucous membranes and skin with erosions and inflammations, cuts and burns, postoperative stitches, calluses and animal or insect bites, as well as in the presence of cracks on the heels and bedsores, and after the application of this tool on the body there are no scars or scars);
  • bones and joints in order to eliminate pain and limited mobility, with arthroid changes, exostoses, bruises and deformities of the foot near the thumb;
  • lymphatic and blood vessels to reduce stagnation in them, activate microcirculation, increase the elasticity of the walls and reduce their fragility, prevent the formation of blood clots, as well as for the rapid disappearance of bruises.

riciniol base reviews

Eye treatment

"Retinol base" - a universal mixture in the form of an emulsion, which is used to get rid of many health problems. It is also used during the course of treatment of eye diseases. According to the instructions attached to the preparation, it is indicated:

  • as a means of therapy for viral and inflammatory diseases of the eye chamber;
  • to create a moisturizing effect;
  • as a means of slowing the development of cataracts;
  • to improve visual acuity;
  • as a means of protecting against the harmful effects of computer radiation.

argo riciniol base applicationWhen using "Retinol base" for the eyes, pain discomfort may occur. This is evidenced by reviews of patients who performed the instillation procedure. In order to avoid unpleasant sensations it is necessary to process the closed eyelid with an emulsion. Such procedures should be carried out at least two days in a row.

When it comes to eye treatment, only “Retinol base” should be used. The use of other types of the drug is prohibited. The drug is administered in the evening, one drop in each eye. After the procedure, you need to blink properly. For better penetration of the drug, you can move the eyes in different directions. According to patient reviews, there is a slight tingling at first. However, it soon passes. There is a feeling of pleasant warmth. This effect has a calming effect and helps people fall asleep faster.

If distributed by the company "Argo" "Retinol base" application is used as a means of eliminating inflammatory processes, then when instilled, most likely, there will be acute pain. However, this symptom disappears after the second procedure.

For hair

Universal emulsion is successfully applied to the scalp. This is a tool that helps strengthen hair follicles. A procedure to achieve this effect is a head massage. For it is enough to take just ten droplets of natural medicine.

What effect does "Retinol base" for hair? Reviews of specialists and patients confirm that after using the emulsion, active regeneration of the hair follicles occurs. At the same time, the structure of the curls is restored and their loss is significantly reduced. In this tool, patients are also attracted by the fact that it does not leave a greasy shine on the hair. And this is all due to the rapid penetration into the deep layers of the skin.

 ricyniol basic instructions for useIn addition, "Retinol base" is able to help those who are not satisfied with their split and weakened hair.And this can be corrected quickly enough only by applying a means to the curls twice a week.

A unique emulsion helps to get rid of dry hair, which occurs after their perm or brightening. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to take five drops of the drug and, rubbing them with your palms, apply with stroking movements to the curls along their entire length.

For mucous membranes

According to experts, the use of universal emulsion for instillation into the eyes and nose is the most common use of funds. The great popularity of the use of the drug "Retinol base" for the treatment of mucous membranes due to its maximum effectiveness.

However, in addition to instillation, there are other uses of the emulsion. It can be introduced using microclysters, as well as cotton wool, which are used to treat the nasopharynx and ears.

riciniol base for hair reviews

An emulsion is also lubricated with a special dental thread, which cleans the tooth spaces and eliminates infection in these areas. With the use of means massage and rubbing into the gums.

For the prevention of SARS

To prevent the mucous membranes from getting sick, it is necessary not to allow dangerous microorganisms into the body. In order for this function to work successfully, you can also use the "Retinol base". The tool is used for the treatment of nasal mucous membranes. For the procedure used cotton swabs or turunda. Nasal passages should be processed at least three times a day. This is especially important during the epidemic.

For skin

Universal emulsion is successfully used in the presence of external lesions on the body. If there are signs of deep tissue destruction, the agent is used for applications. To do this, take a sterile napkin and treat it with the drug "Retinol base". Next, it is placed on the damaged area. The effect of the emulsion is instantaneous. The drug is quickly absorbed and speeds up the process of repairing damaged tissue. If there are deep wounds, the procedure should be performed regularly.

To get rid of bruises and joint pain emulsion is used in the form of compresses and rubbing.

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