Back pain

Mom's back has been sore lately. It is very difficult to walk straight, cannot sit for a long time, it is easier to lie down. I want to take her to the doctor. Maybe you can advise who to contact in Moscow.
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Answered on February 10, 16:44
Of course, do not wait, but go to the doctor. It can be radiculitis, and osteochondrosis, whatever. Perhaps you need to remove inflammation and the pain will pass. The doctor will tell all. Health to your mom!
Answered on February 10 16:55
I took 2 courses of massage, it helped me. Now the back almost does not hurt. Still need something active, sport. I go to step aerobics, swimming. The back muscles must be constantly strengthened.
Masha Vesnova
Masha Vesnova
Answered on February 10 21:59
Try to contact an osteopath. Sometimes we ourselves do not know what causes a backache, the reason may be perfect and not in the back. Our body is a very complex device, and it can hurt because of a child injury, due to a stressful situation, age-related changes, that is, there can be any reason! A good osteopathic doctor will diagnose, undergo a course of treatment and forget about the pain.Here, for example, a doctor takes an osteopath in Moscow, even leaves for a house.

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