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The holiday season for hundreds of thousands of Russians is associated withrest in specialized hotels. What interests those tourists who chose the city of Antalya as their future vacation destination? Hotels, prices, features of the resort and much more. Fortunately, it is not difficult for them to get a consultation on this. After all, compatriots regularly and with pleasure in the holiday season visit the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. They, in fact, can serve as consultants for novice tourists.

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By the way, some information about basic prices forinteresting tour is easy to get, without leaving your apartment, on the operator's websites. There are the corresponding specialized calculators. The amount will be visually and promptly presented to the visitor of the site, just specify the hotel and the approximate time of stay in it.

About the subject of the article

In this article, we will tell the readers about onefrom leisure options. On the Mediterranean coast of the province of Antalya are about 275 worthy hotels. However, this time we will not look for a hotel with a ten-year history and, accordingly, the largest number of reviews. The world-class services are provided by, for example, the newly built Antalya Hotel - a five-star hotel of the newest generation. Judging by the positive reviews, even very new hotels can be recommended not only for the stars and crescent who came to the country for the first time to come to the country, but also to experienced holiday-makers who sincerely consider Antalya as the "all-Russian health resort".

It should be recognized that currentlyResort competition is dominated by hotels in Turkey SPA. All the new "five-stars" already in the project assume extended spa-opportunities of a professional class. The therapeutic effect of such procedures is obvious. In addition, middle-aged and older people who have replenished the stock of vitality during the rest, naturally, in the next season will again strive to come to the "useful" hotel.

How much to pay for rest

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How much money to take with the fans of the TurkishThe Mediterranean? We will answer at once that it is difficult in general to determine the amount that rest in Antalya will require. Prices do not make sense. Everything depends on the level of family consumption. In this case, it is desirable to distribute the funds, for example, for a family with two young children, you can use two or three thousand dollars on several card accounts. It is advisable to take 500-600 dollars and 12-15 thousand rubles in cash.

We get acquainted: the five-star hotel Aska Lara Resort & Spa (ex Aska Lara Deluxe)

The hotel is 20 minutes drive from the hotel.airport of Antalya. This is a brand new five-star hotel that hosted the first visitors this year. The start was successful. There are ten swimming pools in the complex (two of which are heated by water), four restaurants with recording orders (Turkish, Eastern, Italian cuisine), four fast-food restaurants (buffet), a spa, six bars, a mini club, children's and sports grounds.


Built in a relatively calm "family"the resort center of Lara, the most popular in the Mediterranean region of Antalya, the Aska Lara Deluxe 5 * hotel (now called in a different way) corresponds to the highest five-star standards of the hotel business. The picturesque nature of Lara, decorated with waterfalls, formed by a mountain river. Located here is the beach, bearing the name of the area where it is located (Lara), is one of the best in Turkey.

The architect's intention was to createmulti-variant infrastructure Aska Lara Deluxe 5 *. Reviews allow you to conclude that here go and those who prefer active game recreation, and those who like a measured, quiet pastime, and those who are interested in bright nightlife. How did this happen? In Turkey, hotel business is of national importance, as well as reliable scientific and educational support.


The project of the hotel assumes the zoning of a rather impressive boarding house (62 thousand m2) into two differently functional parts.

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In the first, relatively small, is locatedthe main stylish, modern seven-story building of the hotel. It has a horseshoe-like architecture, that is, the project assumes two wings. Communication between the floors is carried out by seven elevators, four of which are panoramic. Each of the elevators has a capacity of up to thirteen people. The building itself is spacious and bright, in its public zone there are restaurants, bars, a spa, a well-equipped indoor heated swimming pool, a specialized modern fitness room. Here, in a single complex, there are massage rooms, a full-function Turkish bath - hammam, Russian sauna, sauna. Tables for table tennis are equipped. Near the hotel there are terraces for walking, originally designed by landscape designers.

The hotel is served by a well-coordinated teamprofessionals. As testimonies testify, most of them understand the Russian language. The staff of guest-rleyes well work. "Lara" (hotel, Antalya) is serviced around the clock by employees, many of them Russian-speaking. To the guests of the hotel the attentive attitude: all questions are immediately solved. Testimonials indicate that towels are replaced at the request of visitors in a matter of minutes. Bed linen is always new and perfectly clean.

Water park zone

The second zone of the hotel Aska Lara Deluxe 5 * muchmore on the area, it is designed for a more dynamic, active rest. It is equipped with a large full-function water park Wet n Wild, in fact it can be called a "three in one", because it combines three arrays, the first is equipped with high slides about 135 cm deep, designed for adults and teenagers, the second for less extreme adults and children of primary school age with slides 80 cm deep. The third array of small slides, up to 35 cm deep, is suitable for the youngest children and for people of age.

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Also on the second site of the hotel Aska Lara Deluxe5 * a theme park with attractions, restaurants. All these objects smoothly pass into a fairly large hotel beach (the distance from it to the hotel is 350 meters).

Design of public building zone

The interior design of the hotel lobby is sufficientoriginal, executed with elements of modern style, mostly in white tones. However, not in a monocleous, but with the shade of individual surfaces with brown, golden and pastel colors.

In some rooms, for example, in the hall, inindoor pool, the ceilings have a double height, the interior is originally decorated. The floor is finished with brown and light pastel artificial stone, the furniture is made of good types of wood. Multistory ceilings with original built-in lighting are made according to asymmetrical modern patterns.

Where do vacationers live?

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Visitors are welcomed by 545 roomsvarious types (Family Room, Standard Sea View, Standard Side Sea View, Standard Land View). The apartments of the Aska Lara Deluxe 5 * provide a full rest. Guest reviews note the thoughtfulness of their equipment. Each room has a place for making tea, a minibar with refreshable soft drinks, good air conditioning, safe. The European-quality repair is well executed, the windows provide sound and heat insulation.

The bathroom is spacious enough, equippedmodern plumbing, a comfortable large sink and a multi-functional shower. The walls of the bathroom are aesthetically decorated with ceramics, imitating gray marble.

Catering services

The best criterion for assessing nutrition is the feedback of visitors. This is an axiom! So, to find negative feedback about the cuisine of the hotel complex in question is quite difficult.

"Lara" (hotel, Antalya) by its organizationfood resting, perhaps, can surprise even the experienced businessmen. The fact is that besides a really wide assortment (even for ten days of stay it is not possible to try all the dishes), there is also a different style of their preparation. Gourmets will find favorite sharp halftones, while lovers of healthy food will find many dishes of the appropriate category. Encourages the range and quantity of fruits offered by Aska Lara Resort & Spa (the modern name of the hotel) in the all-inclusive system. These are oranges, apples, pears, grapes, medlar, nectarines, strawberries, bananas. Traditionally, there is a lot of meat food: from beef, lamb, veal, chicken, turkey, quail. Connoisseurs of sea dishes will also be satisfied. Regularly presented in the menu are seafood (mussels, shrimp, squid), and qualitatively cooked mullet, sea bass, red fish, etc.

Breakfast lunch dinner

The catering in Aska Lara Resort & Spa as much as possible meets the needs of tourists. Breakfast here from 700to 1030, lunch - from 1200up to 1530, they dine - from 1800up to 2200.

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Morning meals (as, indeed, day time, andevening) is carried out on the principle of a buffet, which has already become the world standard. Therefore, the restaurant, which provides the main food for holidaymakers, has an appropriate design: a spacious buffet area is separated from several guest rooms. Thus, the hotel guests choose food for themselves in one zone of the restaurant, and their tables, respectively, are located in the other (something this logistics resembles the "classical" dining room).

However, if you overslept breakfast or "bought"lunch - this does not mean that you will remain hungry. On the beach, in the water park, in the building of Aska Lara Resort you will be offered a wide choice of sweets (try all at once you will not have enough strength or capabilities), packaged juices in the assortment, fast food. In addition, from 1500up to 1700for hotel guests are offered six or seven kindsIce cream (optional: in a kremanke or in a waffle cup). In the evening, near the swimming pools, you can take grilled local cooks and deliciously smelling meat and fish. There is also a system of food orders in the room.

In a word, if you do not without reason considergourmet, then in this case you will be satisfied with the rest in Aska Lara Resort & Spa. Guest reviews testify to the high qualification of the chefs, about really tasty and healthy food.


Guests of the hotel, and in particular the middle andolder, regularly visit the hotel spa. Here, visitors noticeably restore their strength due to the warmth of the Turkish bath (hamam), baths with rose petals, therapeutic massage. With the help of steam, the airways warm up, relax muscles, prevent diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body. In fact, the Turkish bath is a slightly modified ancient Roman. Holidaymakers unanimously repeat: "It must be visited!"

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The clients of the spa can choosecorresponding to their tastes peeling: from algae, fruit, coffee, saline, etc. Through peeling hotel cosmetologists achieve a qualitative cleaning of the pores of the skin, removal of dead cells, pollution. In this way the skin is rejuvenated. To effectively burn fat, spa wraps are used: algae, hot, cold. Also in demand are oxygen spa baths, spa for hair, Vichy shower. The effect of physiotherapy is greatly enhanced by the branded beauty salon.


Many holidaymakers in the hotel have a happythe possibility (of course, at the amateur level) to join the fascinating occupation - diving. Diving underwater with scuba-diving, watching the marine life and photographing them, searching at the bottom of archaeological finds - all this attracts people. Guests of the hotel can easily choose from the many offers they like diving courses. Among the courses popular in Antalya, there are orientations for both novices (general diving rules, breathing features, standard expedient actions in various situations), and for people with experience in diving (deep-sea diving, diving, underwater shooting).


Aska Lara Deluxe 5 * works creativea team of children's animators. Young girls and guys are able to communicate with the small customers of the hotel, they know what to interest them. The mini-club uses different rooms: it operates in the main building, then in different zones of the water park and on sports grounds specialized at different ages. Every day, competitions are held with children. In the evening, diplomas to winners are invariably handed down solemnly. For children, mini-discotheques are organized with skilled DJs - animators.

The winning moment of the mini-club isorganization of birthdays for toddlers. The action takes place during a disco (sometimes in the bar "Panorama", sometimes - in other institutions). In the end, all the guests sing together a song for a little birthday boy, he receives gifts.


Summarizing the aforesaid, it should be noted,that the Aska Lara Resort can really be recommended for a wonderful holiday. It has created a universal and effective infrastructure, and the staff is trained and attentive. At the same time, for some reason, at the level of the subconscious, questions arise about the creation in the future of a completely competitive Black Sea Riviera ...

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How to be so far behind in terms of infrastructurefrom world-class resorts to the Black Sea coast? Obviously, when answering such questions, it is not necessary to invent a bicycle. The answer was already given by Turkey. Hotels in Antalya (all inclusive - the principle of their work), especially representatives of the latest generation, clearly demonstrate such promising opportunities.

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