As in Warface, copy the character to the PTS

Everyone knows that the development of games is verycomplex and quivering work. And if we talk about projects like FreeToPlay, then their development is always underway. And to detect serious errors or bugs in the new release of the update, a test run is performed in advance, but not on the main servers, but on the test servers.

copy the character to pts

In this article we will talk aboutFreeToPlay-project called Warface. And to be more precise, it's about how to copy the character on the PTS. All the nuances will be affected, and if this question is of interest to you, then be sure to read the article to the end.

What is PTS?

The abbreviation PTS stands for PublicTest server. This server is designed to ensure that new updates to WarFace passed a series of tests, so that as a result of the main servers loaded a full build without flaws. In this case, the usual players from the main servers take part in the testing, but, of course, not everyone can get to it, but more on that later.

On the PTA, only responsible players are allowed,who intend to improve the project by identifying shortcomings in it. So, letting you on the TCP, the developers are waiting for feedback: you should write on the forms about all the found shortcomings, so that they have time to correct them in a short time, before the release.

In WarFace you can get on the PTS by copying oneyour character from the main server. In general, everything is simple, but these requirements of many people are stalled. That is why in the article we will discuss in detail how to copy the character to the PTS.

Criteria for selection on the PTN

Now let's see who and how can get to the test server. This is necessary, since not every player can copy the character to the PTS.

Initially, it must be said that the criteriaThe selection for each update is different. So, this month they can start the players only from Charlie's server, but in the next entry for them will be prohibited. Also of considerable importance is the level indicator. On average, and often always skip players above level 40, but there were exceptions, when they opened the entrance for characters over the 20-th level.

That's why before going to copy the character on the PTS, go to the appropriate section on the official website and carefully read all of its criteria.

Well, in the meantime, we move on to the next subtitle.

How to copy a character

Just want to say that the TCP (serverWarface) to copy the character is simple. And if after an independent attempt you still could not do it, then carefully read our instructions, they will be detailed in all.

pts server Warface copy character

  1. Initially, log on to the official website of the project. This can be done through "Mail Games" or simply by entering the name of the game into the browser's search bar.

  2. Log in now. At the top right is the "Login" button, click on it and enter your details: login and password (the data you use to log in to e-mail).

  3. After login, log in to your office. Instead of "Login" you now write your login on the form, click on it and select "My Account" from the drop-down list.

  4. In it all the possible operations are laid out with plates, we are interested in the tile with the name "Test server". At the time of writing, the article is located at the very bottom.

  5. On the Test Server page, review the criteria. Also there you can find out the time of the test.

  6. Here are two images of a soldier. Left - on the main server, on the right - on the PTS. The left is highlighted, and the right one is dim. In the drop-down list below the left image, select your character that you want to copy to the test server. After that, click "Copy".

  7. Once all operations have been completed, copying will begin. This may take some time.

As mentioned above, it's very easy to copy the character to Warface PTC, we hope this instruction helped you, well, we meanwhile move on.

Where to download PTS Warface

After you have copied the character on the TCP, you need to download the TCP server itself (if you do not have one). You can do this directly from the game center Mail.

Enter it and in the top panel select "Game Catalog". Before you open all the games from Mail, but we are interested in PTS. To view them, click "PTS" in the category selection panel.

to copy the character to PTC Warface

On the new page, find the game Warface and click on it. A window will open in which you will be asked to download a test server. Start the download and wait for the installation. All.

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