I would like to immediately agree that our world is moving forward very quickly, and a man from, say, the 18th century, is very little like a man from a century 21 in his thoughts. This is not surprising, because today we are surrounded by a completely different world with its values , laws and regulations that we must follow in order to be successful in society. Today, dear reader, let's talk about the way of thinking of the man of modern from our reality. So:

How does a man think?

We dare to assume that this article is of particular interest to the beautiful half of our humanity. Indeed, due to a different approach to life and because of different basic needs, men and women sometimes see everything in a diametrically opposite light, which prevents them from existing harmoniously. It is advisable to break our story on the basis of the most important things in life:

What does a man think about his woman?

For centuries, man has acted as the guarantor of the prosperity and well-being of his family. Society came to this by virtue of the laws of evolution, which awarded the strong sex with physical endurance and the ability to extract resources for life. How did this affect the interpersonal relationships of men and women?

The answer to the question of what a man thinks about his woman is extremely important. He allows her to be more confident in her future and in the future of her possible offspring. The main idea of ​​a modern man about this comes down to the following. I am the owner. That is how a man prefers to think about his woman. Society makes you think about a person as an object, practically an inanimate object. Do women agree with that? If they are mentally healthy, then of course not. Women, in this case, think so. I belong to myself. It is on these discrepancies of interests between men and women that bad relationships are built. Exit? Find the points of contact where a woman has independence, and a man with confidence that she is part of his life, but not his property.

What does a man think about his family?

Family is perhaps the most important thing for any person. That is why, on the basis of controversial issues about the family, conflicts and misunderstandings arise between a man and a woman. In addition, it is strictly necessary to come to a common denominator in this very sense, since the creation of a family is the main goal of any couple.

Modern society, more and more often, the institute of family is of paramount importance. This is understandable, the ultimate goal of any interaction between a man and a woman is the appearance of offspring. The man is well aware of this, but the catch is this. When a family (birth of a child) appears a man, especially if he is still young, finds himself in a situation of imaginary choice. He is deprived of the freedom to communicate with other women. He has less time and money for his entertainment. He feels that now it is necessary to give everything to the children. That is why the thoughts of a man about the family in different periods of life will be very different from each other, which, in general, is acceptable. That is why today marriage of adult men with young women is so common. Only after 30 years of his life, a man begins to realize the importance of the continuation of the offspring and is ready to put his whole soul into it.

What does a woman think about the family and how can a conflict appear? Nature has awarded the woman the greatest gift - the birth of offspring. That is why a woman is ready with all her might to follow the idea of ​​procreation. And that is why a woman has such a deep need for raising children. Here lies the pitfall in relationships with loved ones.A man and a woman give a different assessment of the goals to which they are going. If for a man a career and social status is a priority, for example, then for a woman the creation of strong relationships and, subsequently, the creation of a family will become priorities. That's why you need to look for a partner who shares your interests and is ready to sacrifice their own for the sake of a common goal. This in real life happens rarely.

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