Advise where in St. Petersburg you can buy rebar at a good price? Preferably with a good choice of fittings.
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Answered on May 10 17:21
Will you purchase reinforcement on behalf of the organization or as an individual? If as a private person, I will clarify what is available and accomplish your goal tomorrow.
Answered on May 10 17:26
The author, if you are interested in the sale of valves of all types and sizes in St. Petersburg, you can see the range on the website of the EvroStroy company. There, by the way, a convenient price, you can even calculate the cost of the volume you need, taking into account the delivery or pickup, and decide whether it suits you their price offer.
Answered on May 10 17:31
If you are a representative of the developer, then be sure to tell the manager about it. I think you can also discuss the discount, because to become a regular supplier of the developer is a good opportunity to fulfill sales plans.

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