Archangel Raphael: the icon, in what helps, the prayer for healing

Few of us are familiar with the world of angels and their hierarchy. The main reason is that there is not enough reliable information about these celestial creatures. All because the world of angels was formed long before the appearance of mankind, and only the chosen ones are allowed to come into contact with the higher forces.

So, angels and archangels are beings who embody the highest intelligence, endurance and wisdom. Angels are the Lord's messengers, delivering to mankind a message from the Most High. They protect and guide us. They petition before God for people who have gone astray. And there are those who have a higher position, they are called archangels. They rule the ordinary angels, and each of them is responsible for their own sphere. In fact, there are not so many of them. The most famous are Michael and Gabriel.

In the canonical bible named Raphael, not a single archangel is mentioned.His name appears in the non-canonical Old Testament, which in ancient times was considered a holy book. Archangel Raphael was a friend of Tobit's son. Translated from the Aramaic name is interpreted as "the healing of God." In general, the archangel Raphael helps heal both the physical and spiritual bodies. Helps balance the emotional sphere.

In the article we will consider in more detail the following questions: what helps the archangel Raphael, what prayers you need to know for conversion, the history of its occurrence.

Legends of the Archangel

As mentioned above, the first mentions of Raphael were noted in the Old Testament. He is one of the few archangels to whom the Chaldean name was given. Meet the following references about Raphael:

  • According to one of the legends of Solomon, the king asked for a blessing from the Lord during the construction of the temple. As a sign of his approval, God gave Solomon the ring that Raphael himself delivered. The strength of the ring was that it suppressed all the demons, so that the construction of the temple was successfully completed.
  • Many believe that it was Raphael who helped Noah and opened to him healing formulas that later helped save humanity from extinction.
  • This is the only archangel who opens the veil of secrecy about the other world. It was he who told Enoch about several places in which souls are before the Last Judgment.
  • When Abraham circumcised himself, it was Raphael who helped relieve his pain.
  • Archangel cured Tovita of blindness, and also helped him for a long time as a guide.
prayer to the archangel Raphael for the healing of the sick
  • The most famous and common legend about how Raphael, while traveling to Upper Egypt with Tovit and his son, would destroy the demons who killed all the husbands of Sarah. Which later becomes the chosen one of Tobit. After the wanderers returned home, the archangel revealed the secret of his powers.


Holy Archangel Raphael, who rules over the angels of healing.

He is also one of the six angels of repentance. He is the angel of love, joy, prayer and light. He is the patron of science and knowledge.

In parallel with this, Raphael - Regent of the Sun, the ruler of the South and the West. He controls the evening winds.

Unlike other archangels, it has six wings. At the same time, he relates to the rank of domination and power.

But despite all the regalia, Raphael is the most sociable among all the angels.He often appeared in front of people on the instructions of the Most High in order to transmit messages. Therefore, in the images it can often be seen among a crowd of people.

Archangel Raphael

The value of the saint in Christianity

If you believe the biblical traditions:

  • the archangel is the patron saint of medicine;
  • helps all believers in healing, both the physical body and the soul;
  • in the hierarchy of the archangels, he is in second place, after Michael;
  • in every saint there are two Essences that balance each other. One is female, the second is male. This archangel has the second Essence - the Virgin Aria;
  • in the Bible, if we talk about the New Testament, it is not mentioned in any of the chapters. You can meet only the mention of the angels Gabriel and Michael;

On the icon, the archangel Raphael is often depicted with fish in his hands. This is due to the ancient belief, which tells how the father of the then little Raphael asked his son to catch a fish. After the boy complied with his father’s request, he taught him to heal blindness with the help of a fish bladder.

The most holy is portrayed as a young guy with dark hair. Many healers or doctors in his home keep his image, as it is believed that this increases the chances of healing.

holy archangel Raphael

Meaning of the Holy in Islam

Among Muslims, he is known as Israfil.Also, as in Orthodoxy, he is revered as one of the all-powerful archangels.

It is he who will report on the Day of Judgment and trumpet about it twice:

  • that the terrible day has come;
  • about the gathering of all souls before the Court.

The value of the saint in Judaism

Like the Orthodox, among the Jews, it is believed that anyone can call the archangel, but he cannot interfere and help if there is no valid reason.

If the patient does not want to be healed, then even the archangel cannot make him. But according to believers, the presence of Raphael itself reduces pain and suffering, and also dulls the spiritual ordeal. Archangel often acts in tandem with Michael.

Healing Raphael the Archangel

What helps the archangel

This holy is especially popular among Christians. You can contact him with requests not only about yourself, but also about your loved ones. The archangel helps only those who really need it.

Healing of the Archangel Raphael:

  • relieves from spiritual torments and negative emotions;
  • helps to recover from serious illnesses;
  • helps to get rid of bad habits, those people who really want it;
  • heals the soul and body from wounds;
  • if you have everyday difficulties, contact the archangel with a prayer from the heart, and he will help you;
  • people who are in constant stress, can find peace, after turning to the icon of the archangel.

The history of the image

Since there are many assumptions about where the image of the saint came from, then no one can say for sure how to depict it on icons. But it can be said for sure that his image is connected with godly deeds.

According to legend, once upon the orders of the Lord, Raphael buried a fallen angel. The angel of sin Azazel was called to teach people different crafts. But at the same time, he instilled debauchery in people. Initially, the main purpose of the archangels was to monitor the angels who betrayed the Almighty, as well as ordinary sinful people.

After he began to heal people from various ailments, as well as to exorcise from them the demons who were imprisoned in Hell. According to the arguments of the archangel Raphael, in addition to the two other worlds (Hell and Paradise) there are many others.

Today, his icon is a talisman not only for the sick, but also for the doctors and students of medical institutions themselves.

Archangel Raphael photo

Images of the saint

One of the Gnostic sects began to portray Raphael as a demon in the form of an animal.Accompanied by his two other angels - Michael, Gabriel.

Often he is portrayed as a wanderer, with a flask thrown over his shoulder. In this way, Raphael is more like a simple person, not an angel. It is believed that the saint protects travelers on the road. Most likely, this image was formed because Raphael was a guide for his father and often walked in the guise of a wanderer.

Also, the archangel was often depicted in Adam and Eve's digging, at dinner.

Often he appears in the form of a snake.

Basically he is depicted as in the photo: the Archangel Raphael with Michael and Gabriel.

Akathist to the Archangel Raphael

Where is the icon stored

Find the icon on which the saint is alone, it is very difficult. Often he is portrayed in a digging with other saints or ordinary people.

But despite this, you can still find such a rare icon in Russia. It is located in Tsaritsyno, in the Temple of the Archangel Michael of God.

But, unfortunately, in the near future it will not be possible to see it, since the temple itself has been under restoration since 2018.

Date of celebration icon

On November 21, the celebration of the icon of St. Raphael takes place. On this day, you can attend the service of the dedicated icon, as well as listen to the liturgy.On this day, a large number of the sick and those in need of healing go to the icon.

How to call a saint

Not all of us know how to properly address the saints, standing in front of their image. Often, many of us are used to asking, but few people remember gratitude. It does not matter where you pray: in the temple or at home in front of the image, remember that it is necessary not only to be able to ask correctly, but also to be able to give thanks. You can do this with the help of prayer or in any form. The main thing is that the request and gratitude be from the heart. And this is not so simple as it may seem at first glance. Here a prayer can come to the rescue. Archangel Raphael can be accessed in various ways.

How to apply to the archangel

It is not necessary to memorize a prayer and read it before the image. It can be time consuming and will not bring any sense.

Standing in front of the image, collect your thoughts. Try to describe your situation briefly, but succinctly. Ask the saint to fill your soul with healing powers. Ask to surround you with positive energy. Fully open your soul to the Lord and trust in Him.Be sure to thank Holy and Most Highs for the benefits previously given.

If you are not asking for yourself, then try to visualize axially, for whom you pray. You can also contact the Almighty to send you Raphael, or contact the saint directly. You can ask not only for relatives and people close to you. The saint will help heal even the animal you are asking for.

Prayer to the Archangel Raphael

Reading prayers to Raphael is not much different from a similar ritual of addressing other saints.

Few people know, but before reading any prayer it is necessary to read “Our Father”. If the prayers for the appeal to all the saints are not so easy to learn, then everyone should know the basic one. Moreover, its study is sometimes included in the school curriculum (in schools with a religious bias).

Very important is the regularity of reading prayers. The more often you do this, the better. This does not mean that you need to go through the text countless times. At least once a day - will be enough. This can be done even on the way to work or while walking. The main thing to do it consciously.

Prayer to the Archangel Raphael for Healing the Sick

One of the strongest. Her healing abilities consist not only in curing various ailments, but also in freeing her life from negativity and surrounding herself with positive energy. It is better to take the texts of prayers from official sources or ask at the church.

Initially, the prayer to the archangel Raphael for the healing of the sick person operates on a subtle level. And only then heals a physical ailment. Because of healing, the saint can be treated with other prayers.

Prayer of marriage

Orthodox, who dream of meeting their half, in order to create a happy family with her, can also turn to St. Raphael. Several people can read a prayer at the same time, which of course will enhance its effect. This can be either the applicant himself or his parents or close people who sincerely wish a person a happy life. The appeal should be sincere, as well as the desire to meet true love. Otherwise all efforts will be in vain.

Protective prayer

We are often experiencing difficulties, we appeal to the Almighty for protection. And it is Raphael who is responsible for this action. Prayer, as well as the akaphist to the archangel Raphael, protects a person from the strong impact of negative energy of any nature.

With such protection, it is much easier to decide to make a responsible decision, and also to enter the fight with your own demons. It will be easier for you to cope with all the trials destined for you, with such a strong defense that you will have with you after the prayer to the archangel Raphael.

It is best to say a prayer immediately after waking up. If you forget, do at any time remember prayer.


Often on the pentacle of the Archangel Raphael capitalized symbolic letters are depicted. It is believed that he is a very strong amulet.

Archangel Raphael what helps

There are several areas in which it can be effective:

  • it is this talisman who can tell a person that he needs treatment without knowing it;
  • it is often used to drive out demons and evil spirits.
  • Pentacle can protect you from various kinds of conspiracies;
  • This charm is indispensable for travelers.

Now you know much more about the world of the archangels, especially about Raphael.

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