Announcer firefighter SP 212-41M and its characteristics

IP 212-41M is one of the most popular models in Russia. He warns of fire and smoke in the room. Able to work with a device with various receiving and control devices.

The advantages of the detector

IP 212-41M (it is also called “Frontier”) has a number of properties that distinguish it from other models. These advantages include:

  • Reliability, which is achieved through the use in the assembly of imported parts.
  • Works on the basis of a four-wire base.
  • Able to work even at high humidity. Due to this, the device can be used in underground passages, tunnels and so on.

SP 212-41M

  • It can be used between the base and false ceiling.
  • Can be attached to suspended ceilings.
  • Wide supply voltage range (nine to thirty volts).
  • Low power consumption (up to 0.04 mA)

These are the advantages that make the device popular with consumers.

Purpose and operating conditions

The FE 212-41M detector is used to detect smoke resulting from a fire in an enclosed space. The device is not able to respond to the flames in the building, changing temperature conditions, humidity, lighting.

The detector works with receiving and control devices that are able to provide the supply voltage in the loop from nine to thirty volts. In this case, the “Fire” signal should be perceived by them as an abrupt decrease in resistance to a value not reaching one thousand Ohm. It can be such devices as PPS-3, Signal-20, PPK-2, Granit, Grand Master and others. In addition to domestic, some imported devices can also be used.

PI 212-41M is used at a room temperature of minus forty-five to plus fifty-five degrees. Relative humidity should be in the range of ninety-two to ninety-eight percent (at a temperature of thirty-five degrees).

ИП 212-41М detector

The device is able to work when exposed to air flow, the speed of which does not exceed ten meters per second. Interference is not natural and artificial lighting, the value of which is below 12,000 lux.

The diameter of the detector is one hundred and six millimeters.Its height is fifty-three millimeters (together with the socket). The device weighs two hundred and ten grams.

The time between failures is sixty thousand hours. The device works around the clock without shutting down. The service life is an average of ten years.


The detector IP 212-41M determines the optical density of the air in the room. With the appearance of smoke changes occur in infrared rays, which are reflected from particles of smoke. These changes and fixes the device. The limits of the luminous flux that the instrument is able to detect range from 0.05 to 0.2 dB / m. After the appearance of smoke, the detector is able to detect it within nine seconds.

connection of FE 212-41M

The mode in which the device is located is indicated by the indicator. In standby mode, the indicator flashes at intervals of four to six seconds. In the "Fire" mode, the indicator is on continuously. After the smoke has been eliminated, the indicator remains on. You can turn it off through the control panel. To do this, turn off the power for more than two seconds.

Connection of FE 212-41M

The device is powered by a two-wire loop. It also sends a signal of a fire incident.If the “Fire” mode is activated, the indicator lights up.

The detector can be connected via a control panel with a four-wire switching circuit. In such situations, a matching device (type US-2 or US-02) is connected to the standard outlet of the detector.

When connecting to devices that are able to determine the number of activated detectors, a resistor or a matching device (type US-01) is additionally used.

Before installation, it is necessary to check the PI 212-41M for its integrity. If the device is at a low temperature, it must be kept indoors for four hours. This will prevent condensation inside the device.

Fire Detector SP 212-41M

The socket is mounted on the installation site. Further, taking into account the polarity, a loop is connected. Clips with numbers "3" and "4" are connected to the "minus". Next, the sensor is installed in the outlet. Upon completion of work using the control panel is set to standby mode. To check the serviceability of the device, a needle is inserted into the smoke chamber for nine seconds. When properly connected, the indicator will light up and will be constantly lit. To remove the mode, you must remove the sensor from the outlet.After that, the operating mode is set on the detector, the indicator starts blinking.

Operating rules

The IP 212-41M detector must be protected from dust, moisture, and mechanical effects. When carrying out repairs, it must be closed with a cap.

Every six months the device must be cleaned of dust. This will avoid false positives due to dust. To do this, clean the smoke chamber. It is located under the cover of the device. The smoke chamber is cleaned with a gentle air flow (up to two kilograms per centimeter cubic) or with a brush. The lid of the smoke chamber itself can be washed under water and completely dried. It can be used further. These types of work should be carried out by specially trained people.

If you follow all the rules and recommendations described in the instructions attached to the detector, the FE 212-41M will serve at least ten years.

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