Anatoly Bely: the filmography of a diverse actor

Actor Anatoly Bely, whose filmography includes several dozens of good quality films and TV series, became known to a huge number of television viewers in 2004, when the film “Multiplying Sadness” was released. And although he previously had several works, it was after the role of the oligarch that he became recognizable.

Beginning of life's journey

Anatoly Bely (his real last name is Vaisman) was born on the first day of August 1972 in the town of Bratslav (Ukraine). His parents came there from Togliatti on vacation to his grandmother.

The boy grew up very active and athletic. Since childhood, he was seriously engaged in acrobatics, which was useful to him later - while working in the theater.

Actor Anatoly Bely

But not immediately the actor Bely Anatoly, whose filmography is a collection of diametrically opposite roles, came to the profession. After school, he studied at the Samara Aviation Institute. True, two years later, he realized that he did not like it at all.Anatoly leaves for Moscow and enters the Sliver.

Through hardship to the stars

Bely graduated from the Schepkin School in a rather difficult time - in 1995, when there was a crisis in the country. The novice actor could not find a suitable job in the theater. For several years he was engaged in the extras Taganka Theater. At some period of his life, he even sold vacuum cleaners, and on television was engaged in the implementation of advertising time.

Changes for the better began only in 1998, when Oleg Menshikov engaged him in his Theatrical Association 814. Neither of them regretted this collaboration.

Bely played the cook in the Kitchen, the Groom and the Angel in the Demon, Zagoretsky in the Woe from Wit. He worked with director V. Mirzoyev in the Theater. Stanislavsky, which also gave a definite impetus to the growth of his future career.

Recognition on the stage

The new period in the work of the actor was marked by his transition in 2003 to the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov. In this backstage, Anatoly was recognized as “his” for a very short period. Now, avid theatergoers often come specifically to "White." It was on this stage that he managed to create many beautiful images - gentle, athletic, cynical characters. He even played King Lear.

When they ask him what he is interested in talking about on the stage, he answers that it is impossible. Get closer to what is not. Keep what is. About the moment of the whole being. Yes, and he lives in order to just live.

From the episode - to the main role

In the movie, too, it didn’t all work out right away, like a dream Long went to the recognition of viewers Anatoly Bely. His filmography began with episodes, and in the credits it was indicated under the name Weissman. It was then that he changed it to translate from German into Russian - White. The first characters were difficult, because the aspiring actor still did not know much, moving, as they say, in the dark. But he listened attentively to the words of the directors and drew the right conclusions.

Later, there were supporting roles (male nurse in Kamenskaya-3, Ilya in The Killer Diary).

Anatoly Bely "Multiplying sadness"

Now it was already possible to understand that the actor Anatoly Bely is truly talented. The filmography, the main roles in which at that time was not yet, it already now offers him basically only such, began to be replenished with a variety of works. The first big and significant role was for him the role of Alexander Serebrovsky in the exciting multiplier sadness film, released in 2003. In some ways, his hero looked like Mikhail Khodorkovsky.It was a story about people who managed to quickly accumulate a fortune, but ended up left with nothing. White was more concerned about the human side than the social one. He wanted to show viewers why his character became so.


Another interesting character was played in 2012 by Anatoly Bely. The filmography (the main roles of this actor do not cease to amaze the public) was supplemented by another high-quality work. So, the film "Steel Butterfly". Homeless Plague under pressure from the police becomes the lure for the serial killer. For the cynical opera Khanin, to catch a monster is no longer a matter of honor, but the price of his chase. And for the Plague it is freedom. The common goal brings together complete strangers.

Anatoly White "Steel Butterfly"

Excellent played in this interesting and not particularly positive film Anatoly Bely. His filmography is now very extensive. But this film stands alone: ​​it is so emotional, paying great attention to the characters of the characters. His Khaneen is somewhat reminiscent of James Bond and Leon. The heroine of Dasha Melnikova (Plague) falls in love with him. But he answers her fatherly care.

Another interesting film is the drama "Paragraph 78".White played the role of Spam and unexpectedly became very popular in the cinema. Although, from the point of view of professionals and the audience, it was not just a surprise. The actor was in his place, creating a voluminous and memorable image of a special forces officer, a professional in his field.

Anatoly Belyi "Paragraph 78"

Recall another movie - the series "Orlova and Alexandrov." Of course, Alexandrova was played by Anatoly Bely. The filmography was replenished with another bright image - the spouse of one of the most beautiful actresses of the twentieth century, Lyubov Orlova. Perhaps it was easier for him to play his role than Sudzilovskaya (Orlova), because he remained as if behind the scenes. The relationship between the great husband and wife was great. Every gesture, every turn of the head, a wave of the hand ...

A little about personal ...

Actor Anatoly Bely, a filmography, whose personal life interests all of his fans, does not so often tell about himself as one would like to admirers of his talent.

In 1995, he met his first wife - actress Marina Golub. At first it was a non-binding novel, and then it turned out that their views on life, on creativity, on the world as a whole coincide.Marina helped Anatoly in the development of his creative career, unconditionally supported him. Their union seemed perfect, despite the difference in 15 years. But the beautiful fairy tale ended 10 years later because of Bely’s treason. The actress could not forgive, seriously experiencing this betrayal. The actor went to the designer Inessa Moskvicheva. In June 2007, their son Maxim was born to them, and three years later, daughter Victoria.

Anatoly Bely with his second wife

Marina died in a car accident in October 2012. Anatoly was not at the funeral. And in 2013, he and Inessa were officially married, having arranged a holiday with close friends.

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