Amazing dish - pink salmon in the oven

Some of you will call this dish Jewish, as we will tell about how stuffed pink salmon is prepared in the oven. The recipe is really very similar to the Jewish one, since the fish is cleared of viscera and subsequently stuffed with vegetables and herbs. Most importantly, as a result of cooking, pink salmon leaves tasty and fragrant. Everyone knows that this fish is not too juicy, so it does not make sense to fry it in the pan. You only get dry pieces of tasteless meat. Therefore, for its preparation, you need to use as many vegetables as possible, which contain juice. It is he who stands out during the cooking process and makes the fish juicy.

pink salmon in the ovenOptions

There are two ways to cook salmon in the oven with vegetables. They are very similar to each other, only in the first case they stuff the pink salmon “in a Jewish way” with vegetables, and in the second - it just stews with them. Since the second option is quite easy, let's try it. Stuffed pink salmon in the oven comes out unusually juicy and fragrant due to seasonings and numerous herbs.Having prepared this dish once, you will become a real fan of this fish, so we recommend to try.

What do we need

stuffed pink salmon in the ovenWe start cooking with the preparation of the following ingredients: take a two-kilogram pink salmon, more onions, three medium carrots, a large amount of spices and greens, and, if you can find, then Chinese sauce Orange Sauce and Glaze. The latter gives the fish a slightly sour taste and a wonderful aroma. Pink salmon in the oven is cooked with greens. In addition, the larger and more diverse the grass, the better for the fish.

The process of creating a culinary masterpiece

So, we start to prepare the dish. First we clean it of scales and all viscera. In this case, in any case, do not cut the belly of the fish. Of course, it's easier to clean it, but you need a whole and unharmed pink salmon to subsequently stuff it. When all the entrails are removed, cut off the meat from the fish and get rid of the bones. Even when it is stewed almost the whole day, the bones do not become too soft, so a dish like pink salmon in the oven should not contain them. The resulting meat is scrolled through a meat grinder along with a carrot, then add chopped greens and various spices.This is what we will stuff the fish with. You need to fully incorporate the entire mixture into it. It is impossible to press too much, otherwise the skin of the fish may burst and the filling during the cooking process will fall out. Stuffed pink salmon is put in a saucepan, on top we put greens, spices and can be rounds of carrots. All this is poured with a layer of water so that the fish is completely covered.

how to cook pink salmon in the ovenPink salmon in the oven: the final stage

We put in the oven so that it is completely drained, and also so that the bones soften a little. Finish pink salmon cut into small medallions and lay out a number of carrots. Greens can be thrown out, as she has already given away her aroma and beneficial properties. Pour the dish with the juice resulting from cooking. It should not be consumed hot, so let the dish cool down a little first.

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