Adjust the door closer do it yourself: device mechanism, instructions for setting up

With the development of technology, human life has become much easier. With such a simple device as a door closer, you will forget about the need to recheck whether the doors are closed. Today, devices are available in several types and are represented by goods from different manufacturers, differ in their belonging to different price categories. We will understand how to install the door closer and adjust the door closer, how long this process will take and how difficult it is.

Adjust the door closer do it yourself

The main types of mechanisms and their internal structure

To choose the option of the closer for the door, you first need to deal with the types of mechanisms and their purpose. The choice is based on the parameters of the door, namely? width and weight of the structure.In addition, consider the temperature mode of the room where the installation and operation of the element is planned.

The main options for autodrivers include:

  1. Top overhead, which are mounted on the wall and firmly fixed on top of the door. The mechanism provides a smooth closing and a tight fit of the door. Produce two types of models of products: with a gear drive or a sliding rod. The mechanisms of this category differ in low cost and belong to the category of available goods. In addition, they are easily and quickly mounted.
  2. Floor closers. These products, compared with the previous considered option, are notable for their high cost. In addition, require special installation conditions. Most often, such mechanisms are used for doors opening in both directions. It is convenient to install this version of the door closer for an intercom door or glass construction.
  3. Hidden closers. Products are intended for installation directly into the door leaf or box. They are installed on the door with a thickness of at least 40 mm, becoming almost invisible. Installation is complex, requires special knowledge and skills.
    Geze door closer adjustment

The peculiarity of the street door closer for the door is to equip it with a special mechanism, lubricated with a liquid, which helps to increase resistance to high temperatures. That is, if you install such a shutter, designed for interior doors or used in mounting on entrance doors from the inside, from the outside, then its work will significantly deteriorate, and the service life will decrease.

The principle of operation of the door closer

This device in its work is similar to the spring mechanism, previously installed on the gate and door. The disadvantage of such a device was far from smooth closing, and sometimes the claps of the closing structure. As soon as modern automated systems appeared, ensuring a smooth door run, the problem with noise generation was solved by itself.

The main working part of the door closer is a spring and an oil shock absorber that is responsible for the smooth running. Oily fluid circulating inside special valves flows from one chamber to another.

Features of mechanisms

The distinctive characteristics of the closers include:

  1. Oil circulates in a hydraulic systemadjustable valves.
  2. Smooth and quiet when opening / closing the door is ensured by the viscous consistency of the oil.
  3. Depending on the type of device, the strength and speed of the mechanism may vary.

It is easy to correct the parameters of the closer with the help of special adjusting screws. The tighter they are clamped, the slower the fluid flows inside the cylinder. Having carefully studied the principle of the mechanism, it becomes clear that it is not so difficult to remove and adjust the door closer.

How to mount and configure the door closer with his own hands

The main purpose of the door closers is to smoothly close the front door. When installing, make sure that the body of the product is on the inside of the room, which makes disassembly of the product outside impossible. This contributes to the additional protection of the mechanism from the penetration of moisture, dust, dirt.

Door closer adjustment instruction

Installation tools

During the installation you will need:

  1. Drill.
  2. Ruler.
  3. A simple pencil with a soft stylus.
  4. Screwdriver.

There is no need to buy fixing materials separately, they are supplied with the door closer.

How does the installation process of the mechanism

Some of the manufacturers add installation templates with full-size images of all parts of the mechanism and the intended locations of the holes and fixtures to the product kit.

Having studied the pattern and details of the installation of the mechanism, proceed directly to the process of mounting the device. First, the housing is attached, which at the second stage is connected to the thrust lever of the structure. Following the instructions, you will see that the installation technology is not complicated and takes very little time.

Please note that the closers are structurally different, the location of the adjusting screws also varies.

Features of the door closer adjustment

Adjustment is carried out according to the same scheme, regardless of the design of the door closer. When the screws are rotated clockwise, the speed of the mechanism and its strength increase or, when the screw is rotated in the opposite direction, it means that the door closes slowly.

Adjust the door closer do-it-yourself instructions

When working with this design, try to turn the screws slowly and carefully - this is one of the recommendations of experts.

To tighten the screw, it is enough to make a quarter turn.By knocking down the balance and tightly twisting or unscrewing the screw, you risk completely disrupting the operation of the mechanism, which as a result will be problematic to restore.

Improper adjustment of the door closer entails its breakage. It is worth paying attention to.

Adjustment of the closer of doors of iron doors

How to adjust the door closer after installation

This procedure is carried out with the aim of obtaining the optimal closing rate of the entrance or street door. Adjustment of the opening speed, as stated above, is carried out with screws located on the front side of the case and hidden under a special protective cover, which is especially good when the mechanism is installed on the interior door. So the design looks more aesthetic.

By setting the system to slow closing, the owner will be able to avoid damage to the walls, and the presence of additional functions for adjusting the plastic door closers adjustment will allow you to set up the optimal operation mode of the device.

Closers for entrance doors adjustment

Features of self-closing devices

Where to install this kind of latches:

  • on the door of the entrance;
  • where the intercom is located;
  • on structures that restrict access of outsiders to the entrance;
  • to other door constructions of the entrance and interroom type if such a need arises.

Thanks to this mechanism, the door closes to the end, and opens only when using a special key. The delayer with a delay function is an indispensable device for door structures in public places, facilitating easy access to the interior for people with disabilities. This feature allows you to set a delay of 30-40 seconds.

Adjustment of the door closer for entrance doors is carried out at the last stage, when the doors are closed. Thanks to this function, the locking of the lock is facilitated and contributes to less heat loss when entering and leaving the room.

Adjustment of the plastic door closer

Features of the regulation of the door closer during operation

Sometimes it is required to make adjustments during the operation of the door, and you should pay attention to a number of rules and recommendations that greatly facilitate the task. Please note that each device comes with detailed instructions that help simplify the process and control its correctness. After all, the master can always double-check the correctness of his actions by re-reading the points of the liner again.

A concise instruction for adjusting the door closer looks like this:

  1. During operation of the door, the first screw is turned half a turn counterclockwise, thereby adjusting the reach.
  2. The second is a quarter of a turn clockwise, which accelerates the opening.
  3. The third, which is located on the side of the case, is used to regulate the displacement force.

Remember the simple instructions for adjusting the door closer with their own hands. To loosen or strengthen the pace, it is not recommended to unscrew the screws more than two turns. This may result in leakage of oil from the system, and repairing the structure at home is unrealistic. For this reason, the procedure is carried out with great care, following the instructions attached to the product by the manufacturer.

Some tips on how to loosen the door closer

The need to adjust the door closer iron and other types occurs quite often. If the system works tightly, and when you open the door you have to make specific efforts to get inside or get out of the room - then the screws must be loosened to ensure the smooth running of the door.

Sometimes it is necessary to leave the door in the "open" position for a long time.To achieve this, the screw must be loosened completely. So it will keep the design open until you close the doors.

Popular models of closers and their brief description

Today, manufacturers who have positioned their products as high-quality and reliable and at the same time easy to adjust and operate have achieved the greatest popularity in the market of mechanical and automatic devices for doors. Among them:

  1. Dorma - closers used for mounting on metal doors for exterior and interior use.
  2. Apecs - products equipped with an additional function of constant fixation.
  3. Geze - adjustment of the door closer is simple, and a special system provides the rare need for customization.
  4. "Bulat" - characterized by high technical properties. Namely: frost resistance, durability.
  5. "Diplomat" - closers, made of high-strength steel, which allows to extend the operating period of products and give them a special resistance to temperature extremes.

These models have a lot of advantages described by customers in their reviews, which makes them more popular every day.

After reading some of the features of door closers and instructions for their installation, as well as adjusting the door closer with your own hands, you will save yourself from possible problems with the installation and operation of such systems.

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