Actress Madeleine Dzhabrailova: biography, filmography and interesting facts

Madeleine Dzhabrailova is a talented actress who has been acting in films since she was 16 years old. This woman was born in a difficult family, but she managed not to remain in the shadow of her famous father. “Plus One”, “Brest Fortress”, “Walk”, “Hero of Our Time”, “9 Months”, “All of You Are Furious”, “Red Bracelets” are just some of the famous films and series with her participation. What is the story of a talented woman?

Madeleine Dzhabrailova: family

The actress was born in Moscow, it happened in December 1970. Madeleine Dzhabrailova was born in a difficult family. Her father is the famous actor Rasmi Jabrailov. “In August of the 44th”, “Vertical”, “The Tale Told at Night”, “The Odyssey of Captain Blood”, “Almost a Funny Story” - it is difficult to list all the famous films with his participation.

Madeleine Dzhabrailova

The name Madeleine for a newborn granddaughter came up with a grandmother and grandfather.Initially, parents wanted to name their daughter Maria. It is interesting that many friends and colleagues call actress Masha, as was once thought by her mother and father. However, she herself is proud of her rare name.


In the magical world of the theater Madeleine Dzhabrailova fell in love in childhood. Is it any wonder, because the girl's childhood passed behind the scenes. She performed her first roles on the stage of the legendary Taganka Theater before she began speaking. At a very young age, Madeleine had a chance to play in many sensational performances, including the production of “Ten Days That Shook the World”.

Madeleine Dzhabrailov's personal life

It is interesting that in her childhood Dzhabrailova could not even imagine that she was destined to become a famous actress. She dreamed of making a career in international relations. The girl attended a French special school, after which she planned to continue her education at MGIMO.


Only in the senior class Madeleine Dzhabrailova realized that she had to connect her life with the cinema and theater. Parents supported the daughter, having learned about her decision. The girl decided to enter at once in three universities - she stopped her choice at Sliver, Pike and GITIS.

Madeleine Djabrailov husband

As a result, daughter Rasmi Jabrailova became a student of GITIS. She gladly took Peter Fomenko to her workshop, whom she managed to make an impression during the entrance exams. She managed to find a common language with this person not immediately. Fomenko was strict with first-year students, he did not stint on harsh comments. However, now Madeleine is sincerely grateful to Peter Naumovich for her contribution to her development as an actress.


After graduating from GITIS, aspiring actress Dzhabrailova Madeleine began to cooperate with the theater of P.N. Fomenko Workshop. Over the years of work on the stage, she has created many bright images. In the production of “The Poisoned Tunic” by Gumilev, Madeleine brilliantly played the daughter of Emperor Justinian Zoya, an enthusiastic and innocent girl. In the play "Wolves and Sheep" she reincarnated into a cunning and imperious landowner Murzavetskaya. In “The Three Sisters,” Natasha became her heroine - a purposeful girl who wants to remake the whole world to her taste.

Madeleine Dzhabrailova married

What other performances did Dzhabrailova take part in over the years of cooperation with the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theater? A list of the most famous productions in which she played is given below:

  • "War and Peace.The beginning of the novel.
  • "One absolutely happy village."
  • "The most important".
  • "Twelfth Night".
  • "Adventure".
  • "Triptych".
  • "The importance of Being Earnest".
  • "Mad of Shayo."
  • Balaganchik.
  • "Barbarians."
  • "Month in the village."
  • "Dancing on the harvest festival."
  • "Noise and Fury."
  • Egyptian Nights.

The beginning of film career

Of course, not only on the theater stage, but also on the set, Madeleine Dzhabrailova plays. Films and series with her participation also come out from time to time, which is very pleasing to her fans.

Madeleine Djabrailov films

On the set, the daughter of Rasmi Dzhabrailova first appeared in 1986, while she was still at school. Madeleine made her debut in the film "Steppe Squadron", intended for family viewing. One of the key roles in this film was performed by her father, the very young actress managed to play only in the episode. It was an interesting experience, thanks to which Dzhabrailova seriously thought about the acting profession.

Teachers GITIS negative attitude towards students who are filmed in the movie. Therefore, in her student years, Madeleine practically did not appear on the set. In addition, in the 1990s, cinema plunged into the abyss of crisis.

Films and series

In 2000, the series “Rostov-Papa” was presented to the audience court. It was in this TV show Madeleine played her first "adult" role. Further, the actress began from time to time to appear on the set. She starred in films and TV shows, a list of which is given below:

  • "Stroll".
  • "Airport".
  • "Life is a field for hunting."
  • "Euphoria".
  • "Hero of our time".
  • "9 months".

Dzhabrailova also took part in the filming of several short films, such as “Dog's Door”, “Snow Maiden”, “Kroshechka Khavroshechka”, “Lou. Christmas story "," About the mouse. "

"Plus one"

Many viewers Madeleine Dzhabrailova remembered thanks to the comedy melodrama "Plus One". In this picture she brilliantly embodied the image of the main character. Interestingly, this role was written specifically for the actress.

actress Dzhabrailova Madeleine

The film tells the story of a girl named Maria. The heroine earns a living with translations, takes her work very seriously. The specifics of her work in combination with the natural closeness lead to the fact that Masha almost ceases to come into contact with the outside world.

What else to see

What other movies and TV shows can you see the daughter of the famous actor Rasmi Dzhabrailov? A list of film and television projects with Madeleine is proposed below:

  • "Moscow courtyard."
  • "Brest Fortress".
  • Zoya.
  • "Garages".
  • "Which was not."
  • "Captains".
  • "Santa Claus always calls ... three times!"
  • “Revelations. Revenge".
  • "Solo on the saxophone."
  • "Triptych".
  • "Another year".
  • "Life is a drama."
  • "Red bracelets".
  • "A particle of the universe."
  • "You are furious with me."
  • "War and Peace. The beginning of the novel.

There are no information about the future creative plans of the actress. It is known that Dzhabrailova likes to play on the theatrical stage more than to act in films. Therefore, she agrees to shoot only if she is offered an interesting scenario.

Personal life

Of course, fans are not only interested in the roles that the actress had managed to play by 46 years. Who did Madelena Dzhabrailova marry? Unfortunately, the answer to this question for many years now remains a mystery. It is only known that the elect of his daughter Rasmi Dzhabrailov has no relation to the world of cinema and theater.

Not only the name of her husband, Madeleine Jabrailova, is kept secret. It is not even accurate to say whether the star of the “Plus One” tragicomedy has children.

Interesting Facts

What is ready to tell about her personal life Madeleine Dzhabrailova? The daughters of the famous actor managed to establish themselves as the owner of impeccable taste. Madeleine never chases famous brands. When choosing clothes, the actress prefers simple and versatile things, she also likes elegant silver jewelry. Madeleine is rarely seen in high heels, as she values ​​her own comfort above all else.

Dzhabrailova spends a lot of time taking care of her body. Gymnastics and swimming help her to keep fit. Also Madeleine for many years adheres to the principles of separate feeding. The actress does not believe in the necessity of visiting fitness clubs, she is perfectly able to do home exercises. It is also known that Dzhabrailova has been practicing yoga since childhood. To this, Madeleine taught her mother, who wanted her daughter to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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