Actor Timothy Omandson: career and personal life

Who is Timothy Omandson? Supernatural, Think Like a Criminal, Password Sword Fish, Jack and Jill, Star Troop, Xena - Warrior Princess is only a small part of the projects where to domestic film fans. The artist is known for his ability to transform into a variety of images, which allowed him to play more than five dozen roles in the pictures of diverse genres.

What else is famous for Timothy Omandson? How did his career and personal life? We will speak about this and many other things in the presented material.

Timothy Omandson

early years

Timothy Omandson, whose photo can be seen in the article, was born in 1969 in a provincial town called St. Joseph in the state of Missouri. The mother of the future artist worked as a teacher in a local school. Father worked on the railway. Timothy was the youngest child in the family, in which there were four children.

Since childhood, the boy is interested in high art, hoping to link life with stage activities. Little Timothy regularly organizes peculiar performances for her own family, demonstrating excerpts from theatrical plays.

When the boy is 12 years old, the family moves to live in Seattle. Here, Timothy Oundson attends performing arts courses, studies the work of famous artists, rereads the works of the classics of world literature. During this period, he successfully passes the casting in the Seattle Children's Theater, participates in small productions.

After graduating from school, Timothy Oundson goes to New York. Here he became a student of the Academy of Dramatic Art. After a few years, he secured the fame of one of the best students of an educational institution and a talented artist. After receiving a diploma, he moved to Los Angeles to continue his studies at the University of Southern California.

Timothy Omandson Movies

Casting debut

In 1990, Oundson first appeared on the set. The debut work in the cinema for him becomes the film "Seinfield"where the young artist performs one of the supporting roles. Then a talented guy takes part in a television project called Underwater Odyssey.

Successful start allows Timothy Oundson to attract the attention of reputable Hollywood directors. Beginner actor begin to receive invitations to shoot in pretty promising motion pictures.

Timothy Omandson supernatural

Cinema success

What successful tapes did Timothy Omandson do? The films “Xena - Warrior Princess”, “Star Troopers”, “Mr. Much more successful for an actor is the period of the beginning of the 2000s. At this time, he managed to play several iconic roles in such films as Mission Impossible-3, Password Swordfish, Deadwood, Think Like a Criminal, 24 Hours, Detective Rush, "Yarovets", "Living target". The latest successful works with the participation of Omandson are the TV series "Supernatural" and "Galavant."

Timothy Omandson photo

Personal life

Despite his vivid, emotional images in the movie, in everyday life, Timothy Oundson demonstrates extreme restraint in behavior. The artist is known for his conservative views on the foundations in society, as well as one-lover.Even in his youth, his first and only chosen one was an ordinary girl Allison. The couple lives happily in Los Angeles to this day. From marriage, Omandson has two children, the upbringing of which he devotes all the free time that he has between work on film sets.

The actor and his wife are addicted to dog breeding. Currently, more than a dozen pets of various breeds live in their home. In addition, Timothy Omandson loves to spend time with friends playing golf. The actor is known as a collector of vintage cars, the restoration of which is engaged in his own garage.

Omandson himself notes that he is fully satisfied with his life, he is grateful to fate and his parents for helping me in obtaining an excellent education, finding my own vocation. The most important moment in his youth, the artist considers high-quality professional training for any occupation, which is planned to devote time in the future.

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