Actor Peter Skvortsov: biography, personal life and interesting facts.

Peter Skvortsov is an actor who is envied by many of those who are involved in the art of reincarnation. Still, rarely who manages to start a film career at the age of fourteen. And Pyotr Skvortsov was lucky to do it. Despite his young years, the youth repeatedly smiled at fortune, and the directors claimed him for the main roles in the pictures, which later became rated. However, it is still unknown who to thank, the fate or the mother of Peter, who insisted that her son began to be realized in the acting field. Currently, she is trying not to miss a single theatrical production with the offspring. But it is impossible not to take into account the fact that genes influenced the choice of the profession of Peter Skvortsov. The grandfather of a young man was once an actor first in the Irkutsk "Melpomene Temple" and then in the Voronezh TYuZ.

Peter Skvortsov

So who is he, Pyotr Skvortsov, and what he could reach the heights by playing the action? Consider this question in more detail.

Years of childhood

Peter Skvortsov - a native of the Russian capital. He was born on June 12, 1994. Parents of the boy were not creative people, and at first they could not assume that he had the makings of a talent for acting. And they appeared in school years. Naturally, Peter Skvortsov gladly began to attend classes in the House of the actor. A.A. Yablochkina. The teenager showed diligence in teaching the art of acting, and the teachers could not help but notice it.

"Trial ball" in the movie

For the first time Peter Skvortsov went on the set in 2008.

Peter Skvortsov actor

Directed by Alexander Kalugin approved a young man for a cameo role in the detective series "Visyaki". Pyotr Skvortsov played the boy as realistically as possible, who penetrated someone else's dacha. His second appearance on the screen took place a few months later. Director Roman Prygunov invited a fourteen-year-old teenager to play the image of Tikhon's “unusual” peer in the youth film “Indigo”. Some time later, a teenager – actor was involved in the film “Montana”, where he again played a supporting role.In 2009-2010, Peter Skvortsov (actor) continued his film career in the films “Affectionate May” (dir. V.Vinogradov), “220 volts of love” (dir. V. Filimonov). However, he had no major roles.

Glory and recognition

Only the director Nurbek Egen reversed this tendency and offered the young man to reincarnate as the main character Slavik in the film “It does not hurt the wrestler”. Naturally, he agreed. After this filigree work, Peter Skvortsov (height 176 cm) became a truly popular figure in the cinema, they began to recognize him on the street. But critics believe that the young man achieved real success by starring in the tape “The Pupil” (dir. K. Serebrennikov, 2016). He gets the main role. Peter plays a young man - the “truth-bearer” of Benjamin, who was not afraid to enter into polemics with his biology teacher.

Peter Skvortsov movies

The film, shot in two and a half weeks with a little, was addressed to the Cannes Film Festival. At this event, the audience was very pleased with the work of the young actor and the quality of the film itself.

Today, the actor, more than ever, in demand in the movies. Moreover, Pyotr Skvortsov, whose filmography includes nearly two dozen works in the cinema, was able to prove that he could play "variegated" images.For example, the dramatic heroes from “The wrestler does not hurt” (dir. N. Egen, 2010) and “What I did with death” (dir. E. Kulidzhanova, 2010). Or romantic and bold characters, including Mishka – Yaponchik (“The Life and Adventures of Mishka-Yaponchik”), a young man named Peter (“Without skin”). It should be emphasized that the actor Skvortsov is happy to learn from the experience and some of the nuances of acting skills from distinguished colleagues in the workshop. Among them, of course, appear: Nikolai Dobrynin, Masha Shukshina, Kirill Kazakov, Yevgeny Mironov. Peter after some time “worked together” with director Vladimir Beck. And he often trusted him with key images. This, in particular, is about the pictures: "Skinless" and "Birdie". By the way, the latter was enthusiastically received at the festival "2morrow". Some time later, Vladimir Beck said that the film “Prychka” was largely due to the talented play of the actor Peter Skvortsov.

Acting studies

It just so happened, but the young actor began to comprehend the basics of the art of reincarnation when he had already starred in a number of paintings.

Peter Skvortsov Filmography

Having received a certificate of maturity, Pyotr Skvortsov, with the participation of which young women of the weaker sex watch with pleasure, became a student at the Moscow Art Theater School.The actor received a diploma in this theatrical high school in 2015. Remarkable is the fact that his tutors turned out to be real masters of their work, who worked in the workshop of Dmitry Brusnikin. After studying at the Moscow Art Theater, Pyotr Skvortsov, together with his “colleagues in the workshop”, creates the creative team “Brusnikina Workshop”.

It is possible that this independent theater will compete with the capital's “Melpomene temples” over the years.

Work in the theater

While still a student, Peter began to receive significant roles in performances from the head of the course, which Brusnikin staged personally. In particular, we are talking about the productions “It's Me” and “Demons”, in which Skvortsov showed himself exclusively from the positive side. Most recently, the actor got into the troupe of the metropolitan experimental theater "Practice."

Peter Skvortsov growth

He himself identifies himself as a playboy, who is more to the theatrical scene than to the set.

Personal life

Of course, the majority of young ladies are interested in the question of whether the actor Peter Skvortsov has the second half. So far, the young man is not tied up and most of the time he devotes to filming a movie and a talented play on the theater stage. In this regard, it should be noted that today's spouse Skvortsova is work.And he does not pursue the goal of gaining wealth or fame with the help of acting skills. He is interested in seeing “art in itself” and not “himself in art”. Peter Skvortsov dreams of ever reincarnating into the image of an American journalist and writer Hunter Thompson, who, despite his rebellious temperament, was a true patriot of his country.

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