Actor Pavel Ilyin - creative biography

Soviet and Russian theater and film actor Pavel Ilyin played numerous roles on the theater stage, starred in thirteen film series and four films. More about it will tell the article.

Pavel Ilyin: biography

Our hero was born in Moscow in 1963. The blood surname is Kondratyev, he took a pseudonym as an adult. At sixteen, he was enrolled in the theater-studio "Obelisk". Here he made the initial steps in the development of creative skills and for the first time tried himself as an actor. In '87, he continued his studies at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. Pavel had experience of work, the student was given the confidence to play on stage and participate in performances.

In 1991, he was accepted into the troupe of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater Theater. Ilyin simultaneously plays on the stage, teaches, improves his acting level of skill. In the theater under the direction of O. Tabakov he was invited in the 95th. Since then, he constantly participates in various performances. The actor has played a lot of characters, starred in thirteen film series and four movies.Pavel Ilyin starred in episodes and a number of main roles.

Movie debut

The artist has many-sided talent, he is distinguished by professional readiness, has established himself as a hardworking, conscientious, obligatory in relation to his work. These qualities were fully manifested by Pavel Ilyin (actor) on the set of the family film “Tender Age”. The tape became his film debut in 1983.

Pavel Ilyin

This is a picture of the war years. The story of friends who have just finished school, and the whole world has opened up before them. They have a lot of plans. But the war began. Friends enter the military school to fight at the front afterwards. A picture of friendship, devotional love. About growing up children and the fragility of the universe, which collapses in one moment. The role of Lieutenant Alexei, played by the artist, turned out to be convincing and credible.

After this film, our hero of 20 years did not act in films. In order to maintain professionalism, the film actor is recommended to play periodically on the stage of the theater. Not so easy to get off the screen at the scene and vice versa. Therefore, diverse actors are valued, who are able to quickly rebuild from the stage to the camera.

Creative talent

In the early 2000s, Pavel Ilyin was in demand on television, where he starred in the TV series “The Return of Mukhtar”. The actor receives offers to participate in various projects.

In 2005, the artist played the main part in the film “Lyuba, Children and the Factory”. Here Ilyin appears before the audience in the role of a funny and unconstrained man. He - the owner of a diverse wardrobe, hotly dreams that his beloved noticed on a collective background, shows himself to be passionate and romantic.

Pavel Ilyin the actor

Differences in the game on stage and on camera suggest a diverse mogul. Such is the actor Pavel Ilyin.

In the work on stage, the artist improves the role continuously for several hours. In the cinema there is no such thing, since the passages are not taken in chronological order according to the narration, but by individual excerpts chaotically. Therefore, the level of mastery of the actor is important: his willingness to play an episode in each scene of the piece is of paramount importance. In film productions Ilyin perfectly embodies all the instructions of the director.

Game differences

When Pavel Ilyin works for the camera, he realizes that the optics captures the smallest actions: sweeping movements are unacceptable, which is possible on the stage.

The theater shows loyalty to physical abnormalities, overweight, imperfect skin. The cinema sees the slightest flaw, even with regard to makeup and lighting.

Pavel Ilyin biography

The expression of emotions also varies. On stage, an actor can passionately manipulate his hands with a full amplitude, run, shout, but not in the frame, the skills to dive into a state, apply a look, gesture, move eyebrows are more important. In the movie, the actor has no interlocutor. In the theater, however, the connection with the audience is present. Therefore, in the film, credibility is important, here they play convincingly, they “live” their role, are immersed in the image and condition, problems and feelings. In Ilyin, all the characters are truthful.

Pavel Ilyin

The actor starred in TV shows and movies. In 2005-2006 participated in the STS TV project “Do not be born beautiful”. In 2006 he received the Moskovsky Komsomolets Publishing House Award in the nomination "The Best Acting Ensemble". In 2008, Pavel Yuryevich received the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. The head of the studio with love speaks about Ilyin. Oleg Tabakov marks the actor as a whole and talented person.

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