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The face of this person is known to almost everyone, but few can name his name and surname. For all he was and will remain in memory Shurik. Loved by all, the Soviet artist Alexander Demyanenko put many years of his life into being started to be perceived as a true multi-profile actor, and not a slender and awkward youth from the comedies of Gaidai. This is the story of the life of a talented person who has become hostage to one role.

Biography of Alexander Demyanenko

Alexander was born on May 30, 1937 in Sverdlovsk. After his birth, real Mexican passions began to occur in the family. My father was an actor and director, kind of creative and enthusiastic. As soon as little Sasha was born, the man went to one of his fans and created a new family. The young wife presented the genius of another son and daughter. But family life did not work out, and after 2 years he returned to his first wife.The woman took him back and later gave birth to two more daughters. However, this did not stop the loving man, and he again found a young companion after a few years. Despite this, Alexander loved his father and was a frequent visitor to his new family.

Demyanenko in his youth

Alexander Demyanenko decided to follow in the footsteps of his father. After graduation he goes to enter the Moscow Art Theater. But the excitement and fear of the selection committee deprived him of the chance to pass the exams. He returns home and enters the Sverdlovsk Law Institute. Half a year of study made it clear to him that he was not doing his own business. In the summer, he makes another attempt, and this time he is admitted to two places at once - GITIS and the Shchukin School. Demyanenko stops at the first option and informs his parents about this event by telegram.

First roles

Alexander was not among the exemplary students. He was easy to study, but he often missed classes. If it were not for Professor Rajewski, then he would be expelled for absenteeism. He was a favorite, so he got a lot out of his hands. Already in the second year it became clear that the truant Sasha would go far. He was entrusted to play Mitya in the film "Wind", and he brilliantly coped with the role.By that time, the movie was reaching a new level, and the image of the hero changed dramatically. If earlier idols were village guys who built collective farms, now it is time for intelligent young people who can accomplish a feat for the sake of a bright future and communism.

Alexander Demyanenko

The second role in the film “The World to Entering” became for him a landmark - the picture was well received at the festival in Venice, and she won several awards. Demyanenko became a recognizable artist not only in the Soviet Union. By that time, he had already graduated from GITIS and tried himself at the Mayakovsky Theater. But, having tried the taste of fame in the cinema, he could not refuse its sweet fruits. Three years on stage, and he goes to the city on the Neva, where he plans to continue his acting career at Lenfilm. In addition, there he was given an apartment, and in the capital he was forced to wander around the dormitories. Yes, and Moscow itself he never liked: he wanted to live in another place.

Serious start

In 1962, he was shot in the film story "Empty Flight", where he plays the role of a journalist Sirotkin, who skillfully reveals fraud. Immediately after the release of the picture he was offered to participate in another project.This time he has to play the young detective Polikanov. The painting “Dima Gorin's Career”, where he again had the main role, finally fixed him at the film studio. The story of a young accountant who refused all the blessings in the capital and found himself in harsh taiga conditions, having met his girlfriend’s ideal there, is still loved by admirers of the old cinema. All films had a great success with the viewer: people began to recognize a talented actor. He still did not guess that at this very time Leonid Gaidai was already casting for the role of the main character in his legendary comedy.

Operation Y

"Not serious stories"

That was the name of the script for the film “Operation Y and Other Adventures of Shurik”. Among 40 applicants, Leonid Gaidai did not find the actor he saw in the lead role. By the way, then the very legendary Shurik was not in the script yet. The main character should have been called Vladik Arykov. Solomin, Lenkov, Zharikov - all these actors were rejected by the director. But the Leningrad actor Alexander Demyanenko was ideally suited. The only thing that confused - the artist's hair.

For the role

The widow of Demyanenko later recalled how Alexander was repainted into a blond.There was no quality paint at that time, so black was literally burned out of the hair. The actor himself had naturally thick hair, which saved him from complete baldness. After experimenting with coloring his entire head was blistered and burned. But to imagine a dark-haired Shurik is now simply impossible.

Demyanenko with blond hair

Heavy burden of glory

After the release of the picture on the big screen, Demyanenko became not just a popular actor, everyone recognized him on the street. The lines at the ticket office at Shurik were longer than at the Mausoleum. People rushed to the actor and stretched any pieces of paper for an autograph. Nobody called him by name or surname, for all he was “Shurik”, the guy who can be called to the pub or pat on the back. For Alexander, this was a real hell, he dodged the crowd and tried to spend less time in public. He believed that all these people climbed into his soul, shouted that he did not want to live like that, and suffered. But he did not give up his role in the “Caucasian Captive”.

Difficult shooting

The second comedy of the director with Demyanenko in the title role was even more deafening success. The film was dismantled for quotations, in cinemas there was a full house.Photos of Alexander Demyanenko and Natalia Varley appeared in magazines. But no one knew what was happening on the set. At this time, the actor became friends with the operator, who was known for his addiction to alcohol. Together, they often began to “fake”, and often the work process got up due to this. In addition, Alexander started a romance with the make-up artist, although his wife Marina Sklyarova was waiting for him at home. Not many people knew about it, and even they closed their eyes to what was happening. Despite all the difficulties, the next comedy about Shurik became even more popular than the first part.

Shot from Caucasian captive

The end of the popular quartet

After the release of the “Caucasian Captive”, Goskino demanded that Gaidai make another film about the adventures of the harmonious four. But by that time Nikulin had already decided to act in serious films, and the conflict between Gaidai and Morgunov had put an end to their joint work. But Alexander Demyanenko remained. It was decided to shoot another comedy, but Yury Yakovlev was called to play the role of Ivan Vasilyevich, although Nikulin was originally supposed to be shot. The misadventures of the inventor, the house manager, the thief and the tsar were a great success with the entire Soviet people.Russians still put this comedy in the first numbers of the most beloved ones. And in the filmography of Alexander Demyanenko, the role of Shurik became a stumbling block.

Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession

"Gaydayev actor"

After the comedy “Ivan Vasilyevich is changing his profession,” the actor put a fat point on his work with Gaidai. Like Nikulin, he sought other roles, wanted to show his talent, playing serious heroes. But other directors were in no hurry to offer the role of a super-popular artist in the country. Everyone is so accustomed to the fact that he acted in the comedies of Gaidai, which did not pretend to this actor. Although he had a long creative career ahead of him and he starred in more than one dozen films, until his death he was called Shurik. This incredibly enraged the actor, but he himself admitted that he did not regret a bit that he acted in three parts, and considered this to be his luck.

Frame from Operation S

King dubbing

Few people know that Alexander Demyanenko voiced many foreign actors, and many Russian film actors spoke in his voice. In total, he has exactly 100 paintings (including cartoons), in which he participated as a dubbing actor. He played his last film role in the 1998 film "The Concilian", and his last work was the dubbing in the film "My Favorite Martian".

Personal life

Alexander Demyanenko was married twice.He met his first wife in his youth: they lived together for 20 years. The actor left Marina Sklyarova without explanation. I just packed up my suitcase and closed the door forever. The second wife was the dubbing director at Lenfilm, Lyudmila Akimovna. None of the marriages, Alexander did not have children, but was a stepdaughter from his first wife. He liked to spend his free time at the dacha, which he kept in perfect condition until his death. Those close to me recall that Alexander, by nature, was a very clean and loving person. He couldn’t walk even past a pile of trash in the forest.

Lyudmila and Alexander Demyanenko


In 1999, the summer was unusually hot, so the doctors planned a coronary angiography surgery for September 1. The actor did not live to see her 10 days. He was only 62 years old, and he could play more than a dozen films. Alexander Demyanenko was buried at the Serafimov cemetery in St. Petersburg.

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