Acoustic system Microlab M880: review and reviews

The company Microlab has long been known amongamateurs and professional musicians. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer produces high-quality equipment, time-tested. Real musicians do not need to talk long about this company. She has long occupied a cell in the Russian market and more than once came to the rescue by wanting to acquire good equipment for a very reasonable price.

This article provides an overview of the well-knownmodels - Microlab M880. The main task of the technique is to work with a computer or laptop, it must reproduce all the sounds transmitted to it through the bluetooth module of version 4. Moreover, you can also use smartphones and tablets.microlab m880


The box supplied by the manufacturertechnique, looks rather cumbersome, which makes it clear - inside serious equipment. The Microlab M880, however, is quite modest and does not attract a high price. All that the consumer sees in the box is the cable and the speaker system itself. The control panel and other similar devices are not provided by the manufacturer. This makes it clear that the equipment is designed for use in small rooms.


The model is sold in one color - black. The usual stereo speakers are installed and there is a subwoofer. The system amplifier works fine. The signal-to-noise ratio is 75 dB. The frequency range varies from 50 to 20 thousand Hz. The power of each speaker is 16 watts, which is quite adequate for a device of this price category. The subwoofer has a rated power of 27 watts. He works well, there are no complaints about the functioning. The total system power is 59 W.

Of the additional functions, you can note the connection through the bluetooth module, the ability to adjust the tone of the sound by enhancing bass or treble.

The cable has a mini-jack connector, that is, 3.5 mm. The system also received an output for headphones.

The volume control is located on the front. The speakers and subwoofer have the same finishing material - MDF. These are medium density panels. The weight of the device is 6.5 kg. The dimensions of the speakers are 10.5 × 21 × 12.5 cm, the subwoofer is 18 × 21 × 33.5 cm.microlab m880 review

Device Location

Due to the specific size of the equipment,even before the purchase, decide on where it will be located. It is necessary to show wit and maximum creativity, otherwise the use of Microlab M880 will turn into solid flour. On the floor installation is best not to place. The fact is that the audio controls are arranged in such a way that it will be difficult to reach them. The most rational solution will be the installation on the table. The problem with this option is that not all surfaces are designed to accommodate such dimensional devices. In this case, there are two solutions to the problem. First, use a wireless connection. This will avoid using the cable, which will clearly expand the scope of the installation. Second: Microlab M880 can be placed under the table, setting all the settings at a time, without the prospect of their constant change. Volume, if necessary, can be changed using software installed on a computer or tablet.

The model looks great as a separate music center. Her appearance is impressive and attracts any audiophile.microlab m880 user guide


System Microlab M880, the review of which will allowto understand whether this model is suitable for the consumer, is made of specially processed cardboard. The material is in demand from manufacturers who create inexpensive, but high-quality equipment. Do not think that it is worse than ordinary plywood. The difference is only in cost, the quality in both cases is at an excellent level.

Microlab M880 system housing (instruction manualdescribes more detailed data) received an impressive speaker characteristics. However, the manufacturer forgot about the grille. To some it is not important, some believe that the protective "grill" looks too terrible, while others disclose it as a serious flaw. Of course, the presence of a grating is optional, but it is nevertheless desirable. If the unit falls, there is a big risk of damaging the speaker when there is no protective surface. The acoustic cable is attached to the installation "tightly". Therefore, it is better not to touch it again, otherwise the repair process will have to replace the cord completely. Moreover, damage to this part can lead to malfunctions, the elimination of which will fly into a pretty penny.

Acoustic system for low frequencies (subwoofer)combined with an amplifier. It should be noted that they look quite nice, the style of execution is strict. The kit itself also inspires confidence; the design is pleasant and does not cause disgust. He perfectly fits into any of the modern interiors, especially if you find a good place for him.

speaker microlab m880 reviews


Acoustic system Microlab M880, reviews aboutwhich can be read below, on the front side has all the necessary levers for controlling the installation. On the side, you can find a bass reflex port. There are very few levers, so it will be easy to understand them. Among them there are regulators of tones, loudness and low frequencies. In addition, the power button is turned on and off. The display of the Microlab M880 (features described in this review) is not. The only thing you can add is the backlight of the volume lever, which is a sort of informer that the installation is turned on.

What is the device for?

This device is perfect for carrying outdiscos in small rooms or for home parties. For those who are famous for their love for powerful playback, it will not be the best option. Buying a device will be an excellent solution if you need to listen to a different genre of songs. It will also work if there is a desire to improve the game process. Subwoofer Microlab M880, reviews about which are positive, in this case will prove to be the best side, especially if in addition to musical accompaniment there are shots and explosions.microlab m880 specifications


As a rule, this equipment is connected to a stationary computer and listened to genre songs. Let's see how the device sounds in different styles.

  • Trance. The basses leave much to be desired. Overall impression is good. The sound is clean, all musical instruments are audibly heard.
  • Darkweave. The sound is normal. At minimum and medium volume, the playback is clean. At the maximum - there is noise. At the same time, the mid-frequencies are noticeably distorted, and the soloist's vocals turn into an ordinary "Bubnie".
  • Rock. The sound is transmitted perfectly. Musical instruments are well audible, especially the violin.
  • Alternative. Although it is one of the styles of rock, the acoustic system does it poorly. Too many basses that are transmitted too aggressively. Against this background, alternative songs become like hard rock, because the vocals are practically lost in the noise.
  • Chillout. Sound can be classified as a quality one. The clearest sound, the inexpressible sensations.

It should be noted that this equipment was checked forone of the famous rock compositions. It's about Queen - Is This The World We Created. The sound can be called excellent. Considering the wide range of frequencies that are present in this song, the guitar and the vocal harmonically sound the most. On a high note, unfortunately, the speakers are not on the best side. However, another inexpensive speaker system can not perfectly reproduce this composition. Therefore, the Microlab M880 speakers are constantly getting excellent reviews - for sound quality.

When you connect to a smartphone or tablet, you canhear some noise on the background. Sometimes the problem is the source of sound, in certain situations it becomes this equipment. Playing tracks through the bluetooth module, you will notice that the volume of any one will be too small for a separate speaker system. However, in general, this device fully justifies its value and all the expectations of customers.speaker system microlab m880


Among the positive aspects of the device, consumersnote the following nuances: excellent bass, impressive design, value for money, powerful and clean sound, size, assembly, low cost, front adjustment, durability, good subwoofer, 59 watts and headphone connection.

Considering the shortcomings that are so muchlike buyers, it is necessary to note short wires (however it depends on the personal taste and needs of everyone), too long subwoofer, lack of control panel, unimportant audibility of high frequencies, open design of speakers. Out of the problems, consumers notice that the on / off button is badly pressed over time, and after a certain time the metal panel begins to peel off.

In general, the owners are satisfied with their choice, andmost of them recommend buying this particular model from similar budget options. It will amaze with the quality of playback, which is noticeable in almost all genres. The average price for the kit can be seen below.

Price category

The average cost of the model is 5 thousand rubles. As a gift, this device is the ideal solution, for yourself you need to weigh everything and think. If the budget is small, you need to take it without hesitation. In another version, it is better to look at the more expensive models of the same manufacturer.microlab m880 reviews


The company Microlab has long been considered a respecteda company that has a rich history. Unfortunately, her era has already passed, but many remember how the "Solo" and "Ash" series gained tremendous popularity and broke records of sales in this segment of the market. Now, the products of this manufacturer are replaced by more modern and expensive models, quickly gaining the location of the consumer. It can not be said that the Microlab M880 speaker system lags far behind its analogues, but it's not worth recommending to a serious audiophile.

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