A. T. Tvardovsky, "Vasily Terkin": a brief summary. Main characters. Date of writing

Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky was born in 1910 in the Smolensk region, in a family of peasants. His father was very fond of reading, and this love was raised in children. The house often sounded works of Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol.

Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky

Date of writing the poem "Vasily Terkin"

In 1939 Alexander Tvardovsky was drafted into the Red Army, went on a campaign for the liberation of Belarus. He worked as a war correspondent. At this time, Tvardovsky wrote notes, essays, reviews.

The main work of the war years Tvardovsky was the poem "Vasily Terkin" about the everyday life of the Russian soldier. Many people found in the hero traits, beloved by everyone - courage, ability to cheat on themselves and friends, ingenuity. The poem was created throughout the war.

Poem "Vasily Terkin"

Heroes of the poem "Vasily Terkin"

In the poem created large-scale images, collective and capacious.Events develop very long. The protagonist of the poem is very close to the folklore characters, as Twardowski conceived ("Vasily Terkin", a summary of the poem). The symbolism of the unpretentious surname "Terkin" can be interpreted in two ways: it is simple, common and at the same time tough, inflexible.

The protagonist of the poem combines all parts of the poem into one. Vasily Terkin - an ordinary infantryman from the peasants. It embodies the best soldier and folk traits.

This soldier is simple and accessible, knows how to joke, does not lose heart, and is so similar to other soldiers. He is brave, humble and always help in a difficult moment. Tvardovsky stresses that there is such a person in every company. Tvardovsky invented Terkin, above all, as a feuilleton image, which should only make soldiers laugh at the front with jokes in order to raise their morale.

Vasily Terkin. Heroes

But the poet shows the hero not only as a joker, but also as a resourceful and courageous person. Terkin is a patriot, he defends his Homeland without too much pathos.

He is an experienced warrior. In the chapter "Crossing" Vasily breaks onto the shore with his platoon, and from there one to the opposite shore. The conditions were unbearable: November, cold water.Terkin's body is rubbed with alcohol, he is very cold, but even at that moment his sense of humor does not leave: the soldier with a sly look asks the doctor about taking alcohol inside, so as not to spend everything on the skin. Unites all parts of the poem Vasily Terkin. Heroes, which are also mentioned in the work, are dealing with a simple soldier.

The poem describes not only the front-line soldiers, but also those who worked in the rear for the sake of victory: the old men and women. Characters works not only fighting. They rejoice, love, speak with each other, dream of peace. War, like life in general, unites tragedy and humor, fear and courage, earthly existence and death.

The main parts of the poem

Conventionally, the poem can be divided into three parts, which describe the beginning, middle and end of the war. From the chronicle the poem develops into a lyrical chronicle of events. In this style Tvardovsky often writes (“Vasily Terkin”). The summary of the poem can be characterized as follows: in the first part, the feeling of grief and bitterness prevails. The second is filled with faith in victory. In the third part, the soldiers rejoice in the Victory and the liberation of the Motherland.

All this affects the composition of the poem. The stanzas, periods, and individual chapters are all finished.Vasily Terkin appears almost everywhere. The chapters of the poem were written gradually, therefore they are completed (and perfect in style) works.

Chapters of the poem

The poem consists of thirty chapters. Twenty-five reveals the image of the protagonist, who falls into different combat situations. In the last parts of Terkin there is no (“About an Orphan Soldier”, “On the Road to Berlin”). The poet did not want to repeat.

It is not by chance that the work begins and ends with lyrical digressions of Tvardovsky ("Vasily Terkin"). Summary makes readers feel involved in what is happening. Tvardovsky argued that there is no single plot in the war. And it is really unusual: it is an authentic “book about a fighter”.

Alexander Tvardovsky, "Vasily Terkin": a summary

The poem is constructed as a chain of episodes from the life of a soldier, which are sometimes not related to each other. Terkin tells fighters about the war and its adventures. He does not get into the pocket for the word, “the boy is at least where.”

Alexander Tvardovsky "Vasily Terkin": a summary

There was a crossing over the river. From the right bank sailed the main character. He said that the first platoon could provide a ferry if supported by a weapon.

Basil has established a connection.He arranges an ambush and waits for the enemy. Kills a German, but he also hurts him. Tankers are taking Terkin to the medical hospital ...

The soldier jokes about medals and a spree at the village council after the war.

After the hospital, Terkin returns to the company. He plays the soldiers on the accordion at first sad, and then a cheerful melody, everyone starts to dance.

Poem "Vasily Terkin"

Terkin fights with the German, wins. He later knocks down an enemy aircraft. He is given an order.

Vasily thinks about how in the hospital he ran into a boy who had already become a hero. He said that he was from under the Tambov. And the native Smolensk region should have its own soldiers. Because of this, he became a hero.

The soldier goes home for a week. But his village is kept by the Germans. In the swamp they fight for the small village of Borki, which is completely destroyed. Turkin elevates his comrades mood.
He commands a platoon after the death of the commander, first comes to the village, but again is seriously wounded. He lies in the field and talks to Death, who persuades him not to cling to life. Fighters find him and carry him to the medical unit.

After being wounded, the soldier goes to his company. But there already appeared a new Terkin, Ivan. Guys are inferior to each other. The foreman says that every company will have its own Terkin.

The village in which the hero once helped his grandfather and grandmother with household chores, under German rule. They themselves moved to the cellar. Terkin with scouts comes to him and promises to bring a watch from Germany.

With the advancing troops, the warrior passes near the homeland of Smolensk region. Soldiers sent across the river. Turkin mentally says goodbye to his native land, which is already in the rear.

The hero tells the story of a soldier whose whole family died. He finds it out on vacation with grief. But he needs to continue to fight. And we - remember his grief. Do not forget about it in the days of victory.

Soldiers go to Berlin. Grandma runs from captivity. Soldiers supply her with a wagon, a horse and things. Vasily Terkin also helps her.

Soldiers rest in a bathhouse in Germany. Among them is one - all scarred by wounds. He is steaming well, he talks a lot, he has many orders and medals on his tunic. The soldiers say that this soldier is like Terkin.

Victory over the Nazis

The main character is outraged by the arrogance of the fascists, who violate all human laws and take captive civilians. He remembers that the Germans brought much grief to the peasants, taking everything away from them. Terkin feels a strong hatred for enemies, for those uninvited guests who trample the Russian land and kill the Slavs.This hatred helps him, gathering his will into a fist, to defeat the enemy.

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