A simple program of training at home

A beautiful body is the dream of any person, regardlessfrom sex, age and social status. However, it is not right for each of us to have enough time to eat properly, and even regularly visit the gym. What to do, in order to get rid of flabbiness in the muscles, to put the body in order, and even to pump it down? Your attention is presented to the program of training at home, which take a minimum of time. They are desirable to be done every day, but if you are a person too busy, you can allocate at least a few days a week to this simple, but very necessary for the body occupation.home workout program

It is also worth noting that the training program inhome conditions involves the presence of a bar and two dumbbells. The latter can be purchased at the store, well, and as a horizontal bar you can mount a pipe in one of the doorways. So, if all the equipment is ready, and most importantly - you are tuned to sports and health - then we begin!

  1. Dumbbell in two positions - standingstraight and in a slope of 90 degrees. It is strange that the standard program of training at home does not include this exercise, but the gym coaches love it very much. It helps to warm up, and also helps to restore posture. Weight dumbbells choose the one with which you will work comfortably.
  2. Muscles of the legs and buttocks can be easily trained by means of attacks. For women, this is the ideal remedy for flabbiness in the most problematic area, and for men, an exercise to improve coordination of movements.
  3. It is necessary to delay for some timebody in the slats. They can be lateral, executed from the position "on the side", asymmetric and so on. The main thing is that during the exercise you feel how the muscles of the back strain.effective training programs
  4. Certainly a program of training in the homeconditions includes push-ups. Variations of this exercise there are innumerable sets: on two hands, on one, from a crossbeam, from a ball, from position "on a side", pressing upwards by feet and so on.
  5. All effective training programs includean exercise called "traction". If you make a draft with a big barbell, you are not yet ready, you can try on its Romanian counterpart. Use the dumbbells, make the slopes on two legs, and then alternately on each of them. This exercise will tidy your spine, coordinate all movements and contribute to the development of virtually all muscle groups in the body.
  6. Do not forget to pull yourself up on the crossbar so thatthe upper part of the body remained attractive. Of course, this exercise is more suitable for men, and for every member of the stronger sex it is more important to make as many jerks as possible. However, the girls also will not prevent several times pull themselves up on the crossbar. If it is difficult to perform a jerk in the "hanging" position, then it is possible to pull up, resting your feet on the floor, placing the crossbar at an accessible height.training schedule at home
  7. Squats are the final stage of the training. With their help, the muscles of the buttocks, hips, calves are formed. And if during each squat you draw your belly, the extra centimeters in the waistline will quickly leave you.

The schedule of training at home you can make yourself, relying on the work schedule. It is desirable that you do all these exercises after dinner or in the evening, every day.

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A simple program of training at home A simple program of training at home A simple program of training at home A simple program of training at home A simple program of training at home A simple program of training at home A simple program of training at home A simple program of training at home A simple program of training at home A simple program of training at home