A reversal through a double solid: deprivation of rights or fine?

Sitting behind the wheel, the driver understands what is drivingmechanism that poses an increased danger. And if a person does not have the necessary qualifications, he can threaten the life and health of people. Therefore, before you travel independently, you need to learn the rules. Ignorance and permanent violation of traffic rules at best will cause the removal of rights, and at worst - the road accident may end.

But Russian drivers, unfortunately, the rulesviolated very often. One of the most common is a turn through a double solid line. Sometimes auto inspectors, using ignorance of car owners, can qualify their actions incorrectly. Let's talk about such an offense, as a turn through a solid: what punishment awaits the driver and what can be entered into the decree of the traffic police.

reversal through a double continuous

Where did the markup come from?

Invented the layout of the American Edward Hines. Roads to the USA began to be marked by it in 1911. And already in 1921, after America, the markup was also used in England. Since then, it has been used in many countries around the world. For a time, different variants of markup were used in some countries. For example, in Germany, the stripes were painted in black instead of white. And in the UK used light-reflecting devices, which were perfectly visible in the dark. To date, in most countries, roads are marked with almost identical special markings.

solid line

On the road there are two types of solid lines:

  • single;
  • double.

The first divides the roadway in half andindicates the boundaries, where the right to drive vehicles. It marks roads with only two lanes. The second one is used with four or more bands. This is the difference between one markup and another.

violation of pddHowever, novice drivers sometimes have difficulties, since the solid line also denotes parking of vehicles, but travel on it is not a basis for a fine.

If a single or double line intersects,dividing the roadway into lanes for multidirectional transport, this means moving to the opposite, which creates a danger on the road. Turning through a double solid is also an offense. However, there are situations when such actions are not punishable by a fine. But we'll talk about them later.

Penalty for the intersection of a solid line

Unfortunately, many of our roadsoffenses. Turning through a double solid or single refers to the most frequent of them. The intersection of one and the other marking lines is punishable identically. In the current year of 2016, the penalty for traveling to the oncoming lane varies from 1 to 5 thousand rubles. The amount of punishment depends on the specific circumstances. There are times when you have to say goodbye for a while with the right to drive a car. For the first time an intruder will lose his permit for driving a car for a period of up to six months. The second time the ban could be a year.

What a penalty threatens the driver for violation of traffic rules,if it is fixed by a surveillance camera? In this case, there will be no maximum punishment. Therefore, the driver will not lose his rights exactly. The registration address will receive a typical notice of the penalty, which is paid in the general procedure.

fines table

When you can not cross a solid?

The driver can not cross a solid line, because it represents an indestructible barrier that prohibits any movement of cars along it.

  • If the road is divided into three streams, then the averagethe strip belongs to either one or the other direction. In cases where cars are moving in the opposite direction from you, then traveling to the line is also strictly prohibited.
  • You can not cross a solid line when driving at an adjustable intersection.
  • The same prohibition extends to the situation when the ascent to the hill is completed.
  • Even if departure from a domestic territory is made, the crossing or the more reversal through a double continuous is considered an offense.

Do not think that the auto inspectors "will close their eyes to this". If the data are recorded on the radar, then punishment can not be avoided.


double turn

If the markup is double continuous, cross itextremely dangerous. Turning through it often causes serious accidents. But the rights to drive by transport for this maneuver will not be deprived. Punishment will be only a fine in the amount of 1 to 1.5 thousand rubles. However, if the inspector of the traffic police records that before the turn the driver drove several meters on the opposite lane, he could still take possession of the rights.
But the possibility of such an outcome does not mean thatThis law will be adopted by the law enforcement guard. Moreover, there are many reasons that can be qualified as mitigating circumstances or in general relieving responsibility from the driver.

penalty for double continuous


There are situations where a double continuous line of markup intersects with impunity. For example, a driver tries to avoid an accident, and he has no other choice. Then going to a meeting is acceptable.

In addition, becoming a participant or witness of an accident,if it is necessary to immediately deliver the patient to the medical station, the driver can go with impunity through a double continuous, if necessary. Undoubtedly, for the sake of saving human life, the traffic rules go to the background. The traffic police officers will then interview the eyewitnesses to ascertain the validity of the act of the driver who performed this maneuver. Such an action is provided by law and is not an offense.

However, problems can arise in the event that the driver causes damage much greater than the risks he tried to avoid.

To mitigate the punishment can the fact that the ruleswere violated when absolutely necessary, bypassing an obstacle on the road or driving a marking on one wheel. Therefore, it is by no means always necessary to agree with the inspector of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

How to avoid punishment?

double solid line

Even if it so happened that the inspector noticeda maneuver that runs counter to SDA, for example, a turn is made, then the penalty for a double continuous (that is, its intersection) is not necessary. It happens that the layout is almost invisible. In this case, you can safely refer to this fact. After all the driver could simply not notice it. If the arguments do not help, and the inspector still draws up the ruling, it will be superfluous to take a few photographs or videotape. It is desirable to perform these actions in the presence of a traffic police officer. As a result, if the fine follows, it will be softened, taking into account the circumstances under which the offense was committed.

Often such cases occur in the winter. Inspectors, writing out the decree, count on the incompetence of drivers. When the latter knows his rights and begins to defend them, it is usually taken into account. But suppose the decree is written out, and the driver is fined. What to do in this case?

To pay or not to pay?

There are two ways to solve the problem, when a decree is issued, with which you do not agree:

  • to accept and pay;
  • to stand for your rights.

If a second decision is taken, then first writea complaint addressed to the head of the corresponding traffic police, which details the illegal actions of an official, that is, an inspector. It is better to describe the situation by referring to specific CAO references. And in the end it is necessary to ask to stop the administrative case. They also make a copy of the protocol, and if there are testimonies, they attach them to the complaint.

Of course, when your actions excludeadministrative responsibility or for leaving to the oncoming lane you have withdrawn the rights, then it is worth disputing. If the head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate does not answer, then go to court.

Fines table

Consider what penalties are provided forviolations associated with lines of markup. What will happen if we ignore the general rules of the traffic on our own strip or make a wrong maneuver? Before you are a table of penalties, which you should know by heart.

double continuous marking

How to properly turn around?

When you need to make a maneuver, wait forthe appearance of signs allowing a turn in a certain place or indicate a zone within which it can be done. Marking in relation to them is of secondary importance. Therefore, in cases where there are contradictions between the markup and the sign, the driver should give priority to the latter.


Thus, despite the great danger,which carries a turn through a double continuous, a fine of 1 to 1.5 thousand rubles - this is all that can be punished by the traffic police officers. If you are trying to take away the rights, marking a different offense in the resolution, then this must be fought. Therefore, it is recommended to go to court. If there is evidence of innocence, then you will certainly achieve justice.

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